Pineview Reservoir

Pineveiw Reservoir from the South    by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012

Directions:  Take 12th Street in Ogden east up Ogden Canyon (UT 39) to the dam and Pineview Reservoir.

Specifics: Geertsen Bay is located on the north end of the reservoir and is due south of the Bar B Ranch on SR-166. The bay is accessible from two paths labeled as Angler's Accesses. The Middle Inlet Swim Area is located on the northeast side of the reservoir along SR-166. The gate is closed to vehicle traffic, but you can still walk in for good views of the water. ~ Kristen Purdy

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Pineveiw Reservoir at Anderson Cove    by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012

Vegetation around Pineveiw Reservoir    by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012

From the Marshy North Arm    by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012