State Line Reservoir

Steller's Jay    Marlene Foard   ©Marlene Foard (2009)

Nearby:   China Meadows,   Blacks Fork,   Henry's Fork,   Dahlgreen's Creek

 ~ suggested by Oliver Hansen

Directions: Wyoming Route: Go south from Mountain View, Wyoming, on WY-410 for about 7 miles. Instead of following the main road that turns west go straight on WY-246 south for about 8 miles to where the road forks. Take the left fork (FR-013) to the State Line Reservoir about 6 more miles away.
     Utah Route: [this is a long unpaved road that may be impassible early in the spring] From UT-150 (Mirror Lake Road) about 15 miles north of Mirror Lake (~6 miles south of the Wyoming border), take Forest Road 058 (North Slope Road) going east. In the first 16 miles you'll pass the Mill Creek Guard Station, Fish Lake and Lyman Lake. A couple of miles past Lyman Lake you'll come to FR 065 going to Blacks Fork. turn left and go about a mile north, then turn right where FR058 continues east. Hewinta Guard Station is about 6 miles, Chine Meadows is about 5 miles further and State Line Reservoir is about 3 miles from there.

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