How to use the Utah Birds Hotlines

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General Procedures

Subject Line:
     Please try to indicate the main point of your post in the subject line.  When posting to the "Hotline" please put the name of the main bird you are reporting and the location so interested birders can respond quickly and have a better chance of finding the bird.

     Please indicate specifically, the place you are talking about or at least the county.  Some people who are new to the state may not know even the most common birding places.  If directions to a place are needed, you can include a link to one of the "Places to Bird" pages on the Utah Birds website if it  has the directions to the place in question.  (Specific Instructions)

Bold or All-caps
     In your write-ups, please put the interesting birds you are reporting in bold or ALL-CAPS, so they can be easily found and won't be over-looked.

Responding to messages:
     If you would like to respond to the individual that sent the message, click on "reply" -- if you would like to respond to the whole listserv, click on "reply, to all."  Email systems are all a bit different, so you might have to search around yours a little bit to find out how to do this,  but if you check the "To" and "Cc" blanks before you send the message, you can see exactly where your reply is going and you can edit out addresses or add some, so the reply will go precisely to those you'd like.  [This does not apply to the  Record Committee and Officers listservs which are set up to go to the whole list when you click "reply."]

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