Utah Birding Listserv Etiquette

General Rule:  Messages should be mostly about birds and birding
and always with a positive tone even in disagreement. 
Respect and tolerance should be the general rule.


Specifics about what is

Commercial Use
     These listservs are not to be used for commercial purposes. Specifically, they are not for advertising products or commercial businesses associated with you or any of your acquaintances.   A simple guideline is: if you (or a friend of yours) are putting your business name or information out there to promote business, this would be considered a "commercial use"  and should not be done. (Even if it only appears to be promotional, please refrain from do that too, since it might encourage others to ignore this rule).
     Information about events for birders, even if there is a charge,  is just fine as long as the sponsoring group is a not-for-profit organization. (The exchange of money is not the deciding factor).

     Please avoid political topics and controversial issues that might cause ill-will and a divergence from the topic of birds and birding.

     Religion should not be a topic on the listservs.  Any comments that disparage any religion, religion leaders or religious beliefs is inappropriate. 

Your Name
     You should not use a pseudonym when posting to the listservs. (Please use your own name).  Deceiving the members of the listservs even in jest or for purposes of entertainment, should not be done.

Personal Attacks
     Respectful disagreements are fine, but personal attacks are not.

Listserv Complaints
     Suggestions and complaints about how the listserv works, how it is set up or how it is being used should be addressed to the webmaster.  If you decide you need to complain to a fellow user directly, please do so in the spirit of the "General Rule" as stated above:  "Respect and tolerance should be the pervading attitude."

Environmental Issues
     Even though environmental issues are important to birds and birders, there are other forums which are set up to deal with these kinds of issues.  It is advisable to work through these other organizations and discussion groups if you are interested in promoting and supporting these kinds of  causes.  However, if some member wants to encourage people to attend a meeting, or to inform them of a date of an upcoming meeting on an environmental issue, then that is acceptable on the BirdTalk listserv as long as they don't try to influence people to support a particular side of the issue. (Please use good judgment on this).
     Exceptions to this rule are the local listservs, SLBirders and RedCliffsAudubon, which are mainly associated with Audubon chapters.  Inappropriate subjects, discussion,  etc., should be moderated by the leaders of each local group to meet their own needs and desires .



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