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How to include links, photos, etc., with your messages

Setting things up
Most internet-based email systems won't allow you to go out of the "compose" screen to search the internet for links and other material to add to your email, so a good method is to open a second "tab" in your browser, which should be displayed on the same line as the tab for you email screen.  With your computer set up with two tabs your are free to browse the internet and copy links, click the "email tab" and then paste them into your email.  (You can go back and forth as much as you like). 

How to copy links to articles, photos, web pages, etc.
The exact process may vary a little depending on your browser and your computer. The following instructions should be about the same for the Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Browser at least...any significant difference will be noted.   (note: "right Click" on PC's = "control click" on Macintosh)

Copying a webpage link 
To copy a link to a webpage you've found while browsing the internet, just highlight the address in the URL box at the top you your browser (by holding down the left clicker and dragging the cursor over the address) , then <right click>  on the highlighted address and select <copy> then you can go to your email message by clicking on the appropriate tab and placing your cursor where you want the address to be pasted and then <right click> with the mouse, select <paste> and the text should appear. (With this method you can send links to internet articles, YouTube videos, photos,  etc., that relate to the subject of your message).

Copying a webpage link on a page with several "Frames"
Some web pages are split so that a menu will stay in one frame while the contents of another frame will change as you click an item on the menu. (the URL will remain the same at the top of the browser even when the contents in the "variable frame" changes (it can change to a completely different page or just moving to a "bookmark" on the same page).  In this case you just put your cursor on the frame you want to link to, <right click>  and select <properties> and then highlight the "address (URL)" that is listed and copy it.  Then you can paste it in your message as above.  (With Mozilla and Macintosh computers, You would  put your cursor on the frame you want to link to, <right click>  and select <This frame> then <View Frame info>  and then highlight the the "address (URL)" that is listed and copy it then paste it into your email).  (With this method you can send directions to Birding Locations or a list of Sighting in Utah of some rare birds that are listed on the Utah Birds website, for example).

Copying a link to a photo or graphic on a page from the internet
You can get the address (link) of any photo or graphic on the internet by placing your cursor on the photo (or graphic), <right click> and select <properties> and then copy the address (URL) that is listed.  Then you can paste it in your message as above.

Sending attachments or a link to a bird photo you've taken
There are several ways to send your pictures to the listservs:

  • You can send a photo (or several) by regular attachment to your email. However, for security reasons and to avoid problems with slow internet connections the listservs are very limited on the size of attachments they can handle (no more than 1000 Kb or so total).
  • You can send a link to a page you've set up on a "Photo Website" where you've uploaded and organized your pictures.  (see the next section)
  • Or you can send your picture as an attachment to the webmaster (if you donít know how to reduce it to an internet size) and it will be posted on the "Hotline Photos" page and a link will be sent to the appropriate listserv.

To set up a free photo account
There are several websites that will allow you to upload your photos, organize them, create pages or photo shows, which can all be sent to a listserv by copying the address (URL) at the top your your browser and then pasting it in an email to the listserv.  (See instructions above).

Here are addresses of  several websites that you can use (there are others):

Thank you for contributing to the listservs
By using some of the methods above, your messages may be more interesting, as well as  more informative and helpful.  Thanks you for sharing your reports, comments, photos and links with other birders.


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