Verification of Unusual Sight Record
For Utah

Rec. # 4-1994
[Note: this form was filled out from three sets of notes and therefore doesn't fit the layout as well as it might.]

Common name:

  American Black Duck  

Scientific name:   Anas rubripes
Date:   Monday August 8, 1994
Time:   3:30 - 4:00 P.M. 
Length of time observed:   10-15 min.
Number:   1
Location:   Minersville Reservoir (North end of reservoir)
County:   Beaver
Distance to bird:   100-125 yds.
Optical equipment:   Two spotting scopes (15 x 60 Swift & Bausch & Lomb
  3 sets of 8 x binocs.
Light Conditions:   Cloudy, overcast.
Detailed description of bird:   Size: Same size as mallards; larger than teal, smaller than geese.
  Head & Neck - Light gray, dark eyes, no eye ring
  Bill: Dull yellowish-brown -- not like nearby mallards
  Body: Dark wings back & breast. Couldn't see legs because it was squatting down on shore most of the time. The [cut of line at bottom of page] ...but not solid black like on a raven or crow.  But it was uniformly colored
  Tail: Dark' no white seen on this duck compared to white outer tail feathers on nearby mallards
Fieldmarks not seen:  Purple speculum.  Underwing lining.  Did not fly  in spite of efforts to encourage from our distance.
  (see drawing of "Sun, Bird & Observer orientation:)
  (see notes from John H. Ginaven and Rosemary Seidler)
Song or call & method of delivery:   None heard
Habitat:   [See the drawing and the notes from the other two observers]
Similar species and
how were they eliminated:
Other birds associated with this species: Mallards in eclipse plumage; hard to distinguish sexes, but all were lighter colored than this duck.

(See above description, the write-up by John H. Ginaven and the write-up by Rosemary Seidler)

Previous experience with this & similar species:  
References consulted:  
Description from:  
Observer:   Merrill Webb
Observer's address:   1063 E. 400 No. Orem,
Observer's e-mail address:  
Other observers who independently identified
this bird:
  John Ginaven, 1268 Delmar Ave., West Chester, PA  19380
  Rosemary Seidler, 740 Prospect St. Shreveport LA  71104
Date prepared:   Aug. 9, 1994
Additional material:   Write-up by John H. Ginaven and Write-up by Rosemary Seidler)

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