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   Utah Bird Records Committee


A Brief History
  (From 1982 -- to the present)

The UBRC was established in 1982 and was associated with the Utah Ornithological Society and the Utah Birds magazine. The first members were:  Steve Hedges (Editor of the Utah Birds magazine), Ella Sorensen (Secretary), Keith Dixon, and Clayton White.  The number of members varied between 1987 and 2000 when the number of Voting Members was set to "seven" in the newly created Bylaws.  Here's a chart of the membership to give a general idea of the committee's development.

Year Total Members Voting
Secretary Webmaster Archivist eBird
1982 4 4 1      
1987 5 5 1      
1998 6 5 1      
1999 7 7 1      
2000 8 7 1 1*    
2008 11 9 1 1    
2013 13 9 1 1 1 1

              * unofficial member

 In about 1999 the Records Committee was shifted to the internet to make it easier, less expensive and more efficient.  The  Utah County Birders agreed to host the UOS and the Records Committee on the Utah Birds website (utahbirds.org).. After about 10 years the Utah Birds magazine was discontinued after a slow decline and an increasing prominence of the internet.   Shortly after that the UOS was discontinued but the Records Committee was not -- it was functioning very much independently most of the time.   The funds left over from of the UOS and also from the Salt Lake Birders who jointed with the Salt lake Audubon Society, were put towards maintaining the website and the Records Committee, on the utahbirds.org website.

Some of the resulting information produced by the Utah Bird Records Committee
can be found through the following links.

    Sight Records Archives
    Official Sightings List
    Committee Reports
    Utah Checklist
    Review List
    First State Records



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