Unusual Sight Record for Utah
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2023-32
Red-headed Woodpecker

Date first observed: 4 Jul 2023
Logan Canyon, Cache Co.


  • 4 Jul 2023 - Casey Richardson [Record #2023-32]  (eBird)

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Records Committee Review:

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1st round:  7 Jul 2023  5 acc, 2 not, 2 to 2nd
2nd round:  27 Jul 2023  5 acc, 4 not
2nd round:  29 Aug 2023  5 acc, 4 not
Completed: 3 Oct 2023  Accepted


Summary:  With no photographic evidence and some missing details on obvious field marks, the decision to accept this record was carried by the uniqueness of this species which made it more difficult to mistake.  This was very thoroughly investigated and discussed by the committee.

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