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The "Photo of the Month" is not meant to be a contest, but just a way to recognize and bring to peoples attention, the interesting and excellent photos that are being posted on the "Utah Birds"  website.  It is meant to highlight the different photographers with different styles, techniques,  methods and equipment, photographing different species of birds of different plumages doing interesting things or maybe being caught at a particularly interest moment.  These photos could be of a bewildered youngster or of eagles sparring, or a bird showing details of its spread wings or an adult birds interacting with a new chick or a grouse displaying or it might be a well composed artful shot of a common bird.  We hope to provide a good representation of the great variety of bird pictures we have in our collection.

Many of the over 15,000 bird photos on our website deserve special recognition, but hopefully the "Photo of the Month" will spark interest in the viewers so that they will peruse our collection and find pictures that will delight, enlighten and amuse them.      

The Utah Birds Staff


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