Birdnet Hotline Highlights

May 2009

Review Species Reported This Month:
     Garganey  Washington Co.
     Yellow-billed Loon  Summit Co.
     Neotropic Cormorant  Washington Co.
     Glossy Ibis  Utah Co.
     White-rumped Sandpiper  Rich Co.
     Least Sandpiper  Rich Co.
     Chestnut-side Warbler  Emery Co, Garfield Co.
     Magnolia Warbler  Rich Co., Juab Co.
     Canada Warbler (?)  Juab Co.
     Baird's Sparrow (?)  Davis Co.
     Painted Redstart  Washington Co.
     Painted Bunting  Salt Lake Co.
     Orchard Oriole  Washington Co.


Tim Avery  (3 May 2009) - This morning (05/04) Jeff Bilsky, Sam and I went out to the causeway to scour through the shorebirds, but too also see what migrants were coming through at Garr Ranch... The most intersting sighting was a bird that caught my attention as it jumped through the grass and ran until jumping and flying into another patch of grass. I immediately thouhht of a Baird's Sparrow and told Bilsky where to be looking. The bird was in the field just south of the large patch of trees at the ranch, near the brush pile.


Justin DeCaro  (18 May 2009) -  Kelle Reynolds (Forest Biologist) and myself, Justin DeCaro (Wildlife Technician) from the US Forest Service on the Manti-LaSal National Forest were out doing migratory bird surveys this morning. We heard what we belived to be the song of the Chesnut-sided warbler. A very distinctive...Plea Plea Plea Please to Meet You! We were unable to get a visual on the bird. Kelle is originally from Chicago, and did her Master's work in the upper woodlands of Michigan. She was very familiar with this bird, and immediately recognized that she had heard the call somewhere before. We were conducting our survey near Joes Valley Reservior in Emery County, Utah closeby the Reeder Trail.


Milt Moody  (22 May 2009) -  ...The next day my friends from California Minna and Jon Larkin and I went down Highway 12 to Calf Creek Rec. Area where we found a CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER right by the main parking lot. It was not quite in breeding plumage but there were distinct chestnut streaks on its sides.


Dennis Shirley  (18 May 2009) -  Just got in from the 11th Annual Utah County Hotspots Field Trip, for the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival... Best birds included the target species: Bobolink, P/J species - Juniper Titmouse, Black-throated Gray and Virginia's Warbler, Dusky and Willow Flycatcher, Eastern Kingbird, Yellow-breasted Chat, and six warblers, including the find of the day -- Northern Parula. The Parula was seen at Burraston Ponds Wildlife Management Area near Mona.

Jay Banta (23 May 2009) -  have found a male Summer Tanager in the Refuge housing area. He is reasonably tame and I was able to watch him by being just a little stealthy from a distance of less than 10 yards for over a minute.

Colby Neuman (31 May 2009) - A male MAGNOLIA WARBLER (photos obtained) was at the housing area at Fish Springs NWR (Juab County) this morning...and it even sang softly a few
times. Awesome! A male INDIGO BUNTING (singing also), a WHITE-WINGED DOVE (present yesterday, too), three MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS (very odd given the time of year) and two GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES were additional highlights this morning.
     My dad and I were in a rush to get home this morning, but we stopped in Callao (well just in front of the couple properties on the far west end of town - with the largest trees) and listened briefly... I'll be honest in that the bird singing had a song that sounded very similar to a CANADA WARBLER. Wow, I wish we had spent more time finding this bird or that I had just put my camera on video mode to see if I could have recorded the song...I guess I just thought we'd be able to pish it out or it would sing more or pop out into view...OOPS!


Mark Stackhouse (23 May 2009) - While birding Deseret Ranch yesterday (May 23) with Helen Wheelock of New York, we saw a male MAGNOLIA WARBLER. It was in the brush along a stream just south of the ranch office (Home Ranch, Rich Co.). I have some photos of the bird that I'm sending to be posted on the Utah Birds website.

Mark Stackhouse (28 May 2009) - Subject: Red-eyed Vireo . . . this evening in the trees around the main pond at Home Ranch; Deseret Ranch, Rich County.

Mark Stackhouse (31 May 2009) - Yesterday, May 30, 2009, we saw a male Eurasian Wigeon and two breeding plumaged White-rumped Sandpipers at Blue Grass Pond on the
north side of the ranch, near Woodruff, Utah. There also was a Least Flycatcher at Home Ranch, in the very southernmost group of trees, across from the hunter check station.


Joyce Morgan (2 May 2009) - I'm the one who reported the Painted Bunting at my front yard feeder  I just wanted to let people know that the colorful little guy is still using my feeders.  I have seen him several times today (Saturday, May 2)... While I have been reading the discussion on whether or not he was a caged bird who escaped or a true adventurer who flew all the way here on his own, I think everyone agrees that it is a thrill to see such a gorgeous, free-flying bird in Utah.

Chris Mason (5 May 2009) - There has been a Harris's Sparrow (adult breeding) present at my feeder for the last 3+ weeks.? Is this bird common in Utah during spring migration? (Photos)

David McCoy (25 May 2009) - Location: Donner Park on Kennedy Drive east of the Hogle Zoo at the upper end of the park in the dense oaks. The song I had never heard caught my attention and after much watching and waiting saw a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, my first.


Jason Pietrzak (9 May 2009) - Tuesday, May 5th, around 9:00 am I was doing a survey down in Comb Wash near the BLM campground near the big pass through Comb Ridge. I was in a wash when a group of birds began chasing each other through the bushes and then, what I believe to be a Black-chinned Sparrow popped out and landed in a low, eye-level branch of a mid-size Cottonwood.


Ingrid Paine ( 15 May 2009) - May 15 I have a Rose-breasted Grosbeak coming to my feeders today. I took some pictures.  I don't know how long it will be hanging around but people can call me ... (in Mount Pleasant)


Tim Avery (17 May 2009) - There is a Yellow-billed Loon at The dam at Rockport Reservoir right now. It is with a Common Loon.  (Photos)

Weston Smith (18 May 2009)  - The Yellow-billed Loon was on Rockport from 11am to noon today. It was hanging out on the east side in the cove closest to the dam. The bird did come out to about the middle of the dam when a fishing boat went into the cove but then was working back toward the cove when we left. There were four Common Loons fishing in and around the dam. Also it seemed like the Yellow-billed would stay under water for twice as long as the Commons.

Tim Avery (23 May 2009) - This is absolutely insane. Jeff Bilsky and I detoured from our county big day just over the line in Summit Park at Parley's Summit. We first heard the chattering and then located the single largest flock of Crossbills, let alone ALL White-winged that I have ever seen. The birds were moving all over and feeding on the ground, in the shrubs and in the trees.


Colby Neuman (31 May 2009) - ... a second year male AMERICAN REDSTART was singing at Rabbit Springs (Box Elder County - near Lucin) yesterday.


Alona Huffaker (3 May 2009) - On Saturday, Bonnie Williams had Evening Grosbeaks, a Blackheaded Grosbeak, Green-tailed Towhees and a Western Tanager drop by her Mapleton yard, along with the Lazuli Buntings, Green-tailed Towhees, Yellow Warbler and a Black-throated Gray Warbler she's seen this week. Most have just visited briefly and been on their way!

Caroly Heaton (5 May 2009) - We have had some Band-tailed Pigeons ( I am quite sure that is what they are) come to our feeder the past couple of days. What a beautiful bird. I guess they are just passing through the area. I live in Provo, north of Timpview High School.

Dennis Shirley (21 May 2009) - This afternoon I finally was able to find a GLOSSY IBIS. There was a flock of about 400 White-faced Ibis just west of Goshen on the north side of US50/6 in south Utah County. (breeding plumage adult)

Ben May (23 May 2009) - Subject: White-winded Dove  9:29am between 1742 and 1792 North Geneva Rd in Provo. In the pines just east of Geneva road. Watched it for about 7 minutes.


Rick Fridell (3 May 2009) - Today (5/3), Kristen, Quinn, and I saw a singing Painted Redstart near the beginning of the Riverside Walk in Zion N.P.(Washington County, UT). This trail is along the Virgin River at the end of Zion Canyon accessed from the Temple of Sinawava shuttle stop. The redstart was in the cottonwoods between the trail and river; only a short distance from the start of the trail where a railed walkway branches to the left to provide river access.

Rick Fridell (20 Apr 2009) -  This morning I observed two possible female Garganey at Sand Hollow State Park, Washington Co., UT. The birds were with a small flock of Cinnamon Teal (around 8-10) foraging in the shallow cattail areas along the east edge of Sand Hollow Reservoir. The birds were easily spooked and the flock moved often. (Photos)

Joel & Kathy Beyer (24 May 2009) - Friday afternoon May 22 we found a singing male Indigo Bunting at Zion National Park (Washington Co.). It was at the Hop Valley trailhead, located along the Kolob Terrace road. We also saw an Indigo Bunting on Thursday May 14 at Welcome Springs on the Beaver Dam Slope (off the Lytle Ranch road).  Friday morning we had a close encounter with a singing Rufous-crowned Sparrow at the O.C. Tanner Ampitheatre in Springdale.

Larry Tripp (25 May 2009) - An Orchard Oriole Came to my feeder twice this afternoon in Veyo. It was a female.

Rick Firdell (29 May 2009) - This morning around 7:30a, I observed a non-adult (first year) Neotropic Cormorant at Ivins Reservoir, Washington Co., UT. The cormorant was originally observed swimming in the pool to the west of the parking area, and eventually moved across the main portion of the reservoir and flew out and perched on the small dead tree across from the dock. There were also three (2 male:1 female) Blue-winged Teal at Ivins Reservoir.

Larry Tripp (31 May 2009) - I saw a couple birds this weekend in Washington Co. that may be of interest. Saturday afternoon at Lytle Ranch there was a singing Red-eyed Vireo in the orchard. And on Friday I had a first year male American Redstart in my yard in Veyo.


Milt Moody (21 Apr 2009) - On Thursday we saw an INDIGO BUNTING in the park across the bridge and down stream from the Gifford House in the main area of Capitol Reef NP. It was in the grass with three Chipping Sparrows and a male Lesser Goldfinch -- pretty easy to see. Also just below the bridge (across the nearby road) was a BLACK PHOEBE -- I think it's unusually far north for this species.


Kris Purdy 30 Apr 2009) - A male SUMMER TANAGER was singing at the entrance gate to Fort Buenaventura Park in Ogden, Weber County, this morning. The bird is a first spring male
and boy-oh-boy, does he look FUNNY with a red hood and all other plumage yellowish-green.


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