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December 1996


Robin’s View
by Robin Tuck


This month's article, "Do Something Significant," is found in the Robin's View section of this web site.


December Meeting

The December meeting will be held on Thursday, December 19 at 7:00 PM at the Bean Museum. This meeting will be led by Merrill Webb and will be a preparatory meeting for the Provo Christmas Bird Count which will be held on Saturday, December 21. Merrill will set out bird skins in the Ornithology Lab representing the birds most likely to be seen and be misidentified during the count. The evening will involve ‘close-up’ bird identifications that will be of interest to birders of all skill levels. Unfortunately, due to the fragility of the bird skins, this is not a good evening for young children to attend. Please come even if you are not going to participate in the bird count.


Christmas Bird Count

The Provo Christmas Bird Count, sponsored by the Audubon Society and managed by Merrill Webb, is being held on December 21. Several groups will start ‘Owling’ at 3:30 AM (!), but the normal bird counts will start at 8:00 AM. Groups of birders have been assigned areas, but if you would like to participate, please call Merrill at 224-6113. Participation costs $5.00 per person, payable to the Audubon Society. Bird observation and counting will be capped by a reporting session held at 7:00 PM at Merrill’s classroom at Provo High School. Groups normally bring some pot-luck snack to the reporting session, making a party out of it.

The count circle is centered in Provo, with a 15 mile diameter. This takes in a large variety of habitat containing a good number of different species. In recent years, between 90 and 105 species have been sighted.

Individuals not wishing to brave the elements may "Feeder Watch" and phone their numbers in to Merrill after the normal count. There is no charge for feeder watchers.


Club Organizational Changes

The organizational and nominating committee formed several months ago has presented their proposals for the club structure. In summary, their proposal is:

If you have an interest in serving in any of these positions or on a committee, please inform Reed Hawkes at 465-1368.

Note that the Past President position is filled.


1996 Centennial Birding Contest

The contest is almost over, with some of you almost there. Keep trying, we still have 2 more weeks.

Please turn a copy of your contest entry form, signed certifying you have seen and identified the minimum 200 birds. Please don’t count birds that should not be here unless you have a photo or good verification. Mail the forms to me before January 5. Mail to:

Robin Tuck
917 E 2730 N
Provo UT 84604

The award dinner will be held at the Orem Golden Corral on Wednesday, January 15, 1996 at 7:00 PM. Everyone will pay for their own dinner ($6.39 each with a 15% gratuity.) We need an accurate count, so please make reservations by January 10. Note that the patch will be awarded to all who complete the contest and submit a proper form to me. There is no charge for the patch. One extra contest patch may be purchased by each winner for $4. Orders for additional patches must be made by January 10. Regular patches will be available to everyone for the $4 price.