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Do Something Significant

by Robin Tuck
December 1996

Years ago, my Stake President challenged the High Council to "do something significant" the coming year. This challenge was carried throughout the stake and I picked it up. The next year, books were written, languages were learned and pictures were painted. I reentered college, ultimately receiving an MBA degree.

Every year, this challenge rings in my mind over and over; "Do something significant."

Let me pass this challenge on to you. Do something significant this year. Reach beyond your present capabilities. Stretch.

You have heard the stories about people who have achieved great and wonderful things, and you have probably not likened them to yourself, thinking perhaps that they had special capabilities you don’t have. However, the facts do not support this idea. Let me explain.

A year ago, I dreamed up a contest, not against others, but against a standard. Simply put, "See 200 species of birds in Utah, 150 of which must be in Utah County." Virtually everyone in the club has taken up this challenge, has improved their birding skills, and has achieved success beyond their expectations. Some who tried will not make it all the way to 200, but look at what each person has done. I have seen growth in every person in the club; in their birding skills and in their concern for their fellow birder. Each of you have achieved successes that you did not expect.

Next year, the contest is replaced with the challenge, "Do something significant." The contest was a specific thing, the same for everyone. But you are all different, with vastly differing knowledge, skills and desires. Your challenge should not be the same as another’s challenge, but should be tailored to you.

I have pushed some of you to do one thing or another. I have encouraged studies to be made, topics learned and presented, books to be written. Some of you have presented the meeting topic while others have lead field trips, and as a club, we have written a book. These are great achievements, but we can do more. Ponder what you would like to do this year, set your sights high, and go for it. Let me know along the way how it is going, and when you are done, please share it with me. If I can help, just call.