An Osprey Family Album (continued)

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Photos from August 1st

The growing chick observes the Mother carefully as he waits patiently for her to "prepare the food." 
He bends low to receive the filleted fish. It looks like the Mother is used to feeding a much smaller bird.
Meanwhile the male enjoys his meal on a "private" pole not far off.

Photos from August 5th

Leaving the "chicks" alone in the nest, more and more, the Mother keeps watch from a couple of poles down the way.

From the side, front and back, the young Ospreys are looking more like adults.  The red color of the eyes and the flecks of white on the upperparts betray their youth..

Because of the limited space on the nest platform, the three youths take turns doing their "exercises:"

There's the wing spread and flap...

there's the bounce and flap...
and there's the jump and flap exercises.

They try the eight-inch vertical jump, going up and down and they try the two foot horizontal jump going from one edge of the nest to the other and of course there’s always a lot of flapping involved.

They look almost good to go!

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Photos and text by Milt Moody
Copyright 2003 © Milton G. Moody – All Rights Reserved