An Osprey Family Album (continued)

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Photos from July 20th

With his fast-growing wings and tail, the young chick has to figure out what to do with these changing appendages.  Here he is try the famous Karate pose, "The Crane."  [Which could be called "The Osprey" if performed on two feet instead of one].
Still the grown-ups must feed the chicks, day after day, until they are able to fly and learn how to catch fish for themselves.
The young are looking more and more like the adults, but they still have a long way to go.

Photos from July 23rd

Besides screeching her warning, the Mother bolts from the nest, flying in an intimidating manner towards intruders, circling over head, still squawking and sometimes dropping excreta bombs. The message is pretty obvious to any creatures with eyes or ears.
Meanwhile the youngsters are getting used to the daily routine.

-  (yawn) "Hey, what's for breakfast?"

- "Fish, duhh!"

- "Fish is good!  Fish is good!"

Taking a break from the family duties, the lady of the house visits a nearby pole and with a shake of the body, reminiscent of a dog's shake after it's been petted, she adjusts her plumage and tidies up.

Photos from July 29th

The Mother is still bringing sticks and softer bits of brush to the nest. Is she teaching her kids how to make a nest or just tending to her house-keeping chores? 
The chick flaps its strong-looking wings as the Mother "weaves" the newly acquired stick into the loose fabric of the nest.

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Photos and text by Milt Moody
Copyright 2003 Milton G. Moody All Rights Reserved