Nesting Report - May 3, 2004

April 17, 2004  

Screech-owl parents out hunting extra early.
They've got hungry mouths to feed.
by Eric Huish  ŠEric Huish

April 23,2004 

Hungry Mouths to Feed   
by  Eric Huish

My screech-owls must have a large brood this year because for the last couple of weeks they have been coming out to hunt extra early, as early as 8:35 pm while there is still plenty of light to see them well.

Last night I was alerted to an owl out hunting by the usual robin and scrub-jay alarm. The alarm is easily heard from inside the house and has been going off a lot lately. I went out and got some nice views of the hunting owl, then I sat up a chair across the yard from the nest box and watched. Last night was so calm and warm and the moon was so bright I sat there and watched the owls for over an hour while they made frequent trips to the box to feed the nestlings. The nestlings' begging calls were loud enough for me to hear from across the yard.

If you enjoy bird watching I highly suggest you put a screech owl box up in your yard (unless you live within a block or two of my house). Screech owls used to be a two-or-three-times-a- year bird for me but now I see them all the time. You can call in screech-owls with a tape player, and use a light to see them, but I think it is much more fun to see them in more natural circumstances like silently fluttering by in the moonlight.

A few months from now a young screech-owl is going to come through your neighborhood looking for a place of his own. If there is no housing in the area he won't stay. If you think an owl in your yard sounds fun you should put up a box before fall. I think it is well worth the effort.



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