Perception Park

Perception Park    by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012

Directions:   Perception Park is a National Forest Service campground located on UT 39 east of Huntsville. To get there from I-15, exit the interstate at 344 and turn east on 12th Street, also named UT 39. Follow UT 39 through Ogden Canyon, along the south shore of Pineview Reservoir, and east of Huntsville. UT 39 will proceed due east of Huntsville and follow the South Fork of the Ogden River. Watch the mile markers. Perception Park is located between mile markers 26 and 27 on UT 39. Several other Forest Service Campgrounds--Magpie, Botts, Meadow, Willows--are located along the same stretch and should provide birds similar to those in Perception Park. ~ Kris Purdy

Specialty Birds: Hermit Thrush, Belted Kingfisher, (summer) Lazuli Bunting

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Nearby:  Pineview ReservoirCausey Reservoir, Monte Cristo Road

Sign from State Road 39    by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012

Looking in the Entrance to Perception Park    by Staff Photographer    ŠJune 2012