Utah Hill

Black-chinned Sparrow on Utah Hill   by Paul Higgins    ŠPaul Higgins

Directions: Take the Bluff Street Exit (Exit 6) of I-15 in St. George and follow Bluff Street as it goes north until you come to Sunset (at a very confusing intersection). Go left (west) on Sunset (SR-91) through Santa Clara, past Ivins and Shivwits. Shortly after crossing the Santa Clara River the road forks. Take the left fork (the right fork goes to Gunlock Reservoir) and proceed on SR-91 for about 8 miles. On the left there is a road going up a hill with a radio tower. This is Utah Hill.

Specialty Birds:  Black-chinned Sparrow, Gray Vireo

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Nearby:   Beaver Dam Slope, Welcome Spring, Lytle Ranch

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