Lytle Ranch Preserve
(the main access to Beaver Dam Wash)

Beaver Dam Wash    by Merrill Webb    ©Merrill Webb    

Directions:  [Because this is a remote, not well-signed place, it is advisable to follow these instructions precisely, noting the mileages as you go]. Take the Bluff Street Exit (Exit 6) of I-15 in St. George and follow Bluff Street as it goes  north until you come to Sunset (at a very confusing intersection). Go left (west) on Sunset (SR-91) through Santa Clara, past Ivins and Shivwits.  Shortly after crossing the Santa Clara River the road forks.  Take the left fork (the right fork goes to Gunlock Reservoir) and proceed on SR-91 for 11.7 miles to a place known as Castle Cliffs, for the prominent rock outcrops (on your left).  Turn right onto the gravel road marked by a small sign for "Lytle Preserve" and a larger sign for "Big Cottonwood Game Ranch."  Travel west down this well graded gravel road, through the high-profile cactus country, 10.8 miles, at which point you take the north (right) turn to  Lytle Ranch  Preserve. (combined directions from Rich Fridell, Marilyn Davis and Bill Hunter)

Description: The Lytle Ranch (see Lytle Ranch Area Map) is located in a section of the Mojave Desert that projects into Southwest Utah. This island of trees and water in the middle of a very dry desert lies along a migratory corridor, and presents an excellent opportunity for viewing an impressive variety of birds, many of which are not typically found in other parts of Utah. 

Background: The Lytle Ranch is owned and operated by Brigham Young University and administered by the M.L. Bean Life Science Museum (College of Life Sciences). The Preserve is used for research and teaching, but public visitors are welcome.

Camping Reservations:  The use of the campground facilities can be arranged by scheduling your visit through the Bean Life Science Museum (801-422-5052) in Provo Utah. (Reservation Form)  Please carefully review the Preserve’s “Use and Fee Schedule” document for essential information about visiting the preserve.

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Lytle Ranch from above    by Merrill Webb   ©Merrill Webb


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