Utah Lake Parkway Trail  (North Shore)

Utah Lake from the North Shore
 by Kari Nay   ŠKari Nay

Directions:  From I-15: Take the Pioneer Crossing (American Fork Main Street) exit and go west a couple of miles to 2300 W.  Take 2300 West, and go South about 2 miles to where the road curves to the right. Instead of following the curve, take the small dirt road that goes straight and park along that road.

Description:  Going left (East) along the paved trail, there will be a fenced-off area, beyond this area there will be dirt pathes going from the main trail toward Utah Lake.  This area between the paved trail and the lake has a lot of good habitat for birds. Along the shore you can find shorebirds and waterfowl.

Some good birds seen:  Little Gull, Mexican Duck, Marbled Godwit, Mew Gull, Iceland Gull, Golden-crowned Sparrow, Evening Grosbeak, Long-eared Owl, Dunlin, American Redstart, Blue Grosbeak, Blue-winged Teal, Sabine's Gull.

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Approaching the small parking area at the South end of 2300 West in Lehi
 Photo from Google maps


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