Trial/Washington Lakes

Trial Lake -- Early Morning       Dave Hanscom   ęDave Hanscom (2013)

Nearby:   Mirror Lake,   Bald Mountain,  Upper Provo Falls

Instructions by Dave Hanscom

Directions:  Go east of Kamas on UT 150 about 25.7 miles to turnoff to the lakes and campgrounds on the left side of the road

Birding: The turn into Trial Lake is about .1 mile from the highway. You can park by the dam without paying a campground fee and walk along the lake in either direction.

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Trial Lake Shore       Dave Hanscom   ęDave Hanscom (2013)

About a quarter mile beyond Trial Lake is a turnoff to Crystal Lake Trailhead and to the Washington Lake Campground. You can park at the trailhead and walk down to the lake or along any of the trails.

Crystal Lake Trailhead       Dave Hanscom   ęDave Hanscom (2013)

Washington Lake       Dave Hanscom   ęDave Hanscom (2013)

Habitat around Washington Lake       Dave Hanscom   ęDave Hanscom (2013)

Just beyond the Crystal Lake Trailhead/Washington Lake turnoff the pavement ends at the Washington Lake Group Campground, which is often not in use. This is usually the best birding spot in the area. If you park along the road, you can walk up through the campground, then follow a trail up to the lake.

Washington Lake Group Area       Dave Hanscom   ęDave Hanscom (2013)

Birds: Common birds around the lakes are American Three-toed Woodpecker, Pine Grosbeak, Red Crossbill, Clark's Nutcracker, Hermit Thrush, and Cassin's Finch. Gray Jays are also seen there on occasion. 


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