(Upper) Provo River Falls

Upper Provo River Falls from the Parking Lot 
by Staff Photographer    Šutahbirds.com  (2012)

Directions:  Go east of Kamas on UT 150 about 25 miles to the parking lot, signed "Prove River Falls" on the left side of the road.

Description: This is a fairly popular spot for people to stop as they travel this road to nearby campgrounds and lakes. Williamson's Sapsuckers have nested in tree holes a short distance about the falls.  American Dippers are common in this area along the fast-moving stream.

Birds:  Williamson's Sapsucker, American Dipper

Nearby:  Mirror Lake, Bald Mountain, Trial Lake  (there are many other good places to bird all along highway including Soapstone Campground [about 16 miles from Kamas], which is near the Soapstone Basin Road -- FR037.

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Birders Coming up the Trail from the Falls
by Staff Photographer    Šutahbirds.com  (2012)