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Morgan County

Stoddard Slough   by Eric Huish   ŠEric Huish  (22 Oct 2005)

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East Canyon Reservoir & State Park

Directions: From Salt Lake City, take I-80 going east up Parley's Canyon.  About 6 miles from the mouth of the canyon, turn left (north) on UT 65 and go about 14 miles to the reservoir.  From Morgan, go south on UT 66 about 12 miles.  From Henefer, take UT 65 going southwest about 10 miles.


Lost Creek Reservoir & State Park

Directions: From I-84, 8 miles east of Morgan or 5 miles northwest of Henefer. Take the road going northeast toward Croydon.  Go pretty much straight northeast for 13 miles to the reservoir and state park.


Morgan - Henefer Loop

Directions: Wasatch Audubon Web Page

Morgan Wastewater Treatment Plant  (Morgan City Wastewater Lagoons)

Directions: (This is a closed-gate area - Contact Arnold Smith of Morgan for access information)   (bird list)

Stoddard Slough Wildlife Management Area

Directions: From I-84 exit 103 (Morgan), turn east at the end of the exit ramp and take the first left (NOT the westbound entrance to I-84), which is 300E. Drive 2.3 miles, paralleling the interstate, to Stoddard Lane. Turn left (west) on Stoddard Lane (1300N.) and drive over the overpass. Turn left (south) on Hatchery Road, a.k.a. 1600W. Drive until you see the Stoddard Slough WMA sign.


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