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Beaver County


Three Creeks South Fork    by John Stratton   ŠJohn Stratton

Adamsville   Suggested by Merrill Webb

Directions: Adamsville. Drive west on State Road #21 seven miles from the center of Beaver. The road takes off to the right and you travel through agricultural area to the few houses that make up Adamsville. By continuing on through town the road bears south and access to the northern portion of Minersville Lake is possible.

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Beaver Area

Directions: Beaver is just east of I-15.

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Indian Creek

Directions: Take exit 112 from I-15 in Beaver.  Go east about .5 miles and turn left (north) on Manderfield Road.  Go about 7 miles to the sign for Indian Creek Road.  (This is located about 2 miles south of the town of Manderfield).

Description: Indian Creek Road is a gravel road for about 8 miles until it gets to Mill Hollow Road were it becomes rough (more suitable for a four-wheel drive).

Birding: Jays and riparian species

Greenville   Suggested by Merrill Webb and John Stratton

Directions: Take State Route #21 from the middle of the town of Beaver and drive west under I-15 four miles to the turn-off south to Greenville. The road forks in town. Go back east toward Beaver along Beaver Creek, or turn west and go through agricultural and a little bit of residential area. .


Mineral Mountains   Suggested by Merrill Webb

Directions: From Beaver drive west on State Route #21 to Milford which is a total of 31 miles. Stay on this same road as it curves north through Milford.  Four miles north of Milford look for the road going east to the Blundell Geothermal Plant. After driving nine miles there is a junction. Continue on east toward the mountains.  


Minersville Lake Park   Suggested by Merrill Webb

Directions:  This is no longer a state park, but a small fee is still required to access the picnic and boat ramp areas. The exit to the picnic areas (and the south side of the reservoir where the dam is located) is twelve miles from Beaver on State Road #21. Turn right (west) and drive less than one mile to access the south part of the reservoir. There are actually two dirt roads between Adamsville and this exit where access to the lake can be obtained.  Both are good for looking out over the lake.


Tushar Mountains (along UT 153) (AKA: Beaver Canyon Scenic Drive)   Suggested by David Wheeler

Directions: Go east on 200 North in Beaver.  This road (State Highway 153) follows the Beaver River and Merchant Creek to the higher elevations of the Tushar Mountains.



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