Tushar Mountains

Beaver Canyon    by Merrill Webb    ©Merrill Webb

Submitted by David Wheeler

Directions: Go east on 200 North in Beaver.  This road (State Highway 153) follows the Beaver River and Merchant Creek to the higher elevations of the Tushar Mountains.

Description:  There are camping and picnic areas along the road which leads to a skiing area near Elk Meadows and West Village. A little further up is Lake Puffer which is about 18 miles from Beaver.

Birding: The lower part of the road along the rivers would be good for riparian species and the area towards the top is a good place for highland birds.

Specialty Birds: (higher elevations) Rosy finches, Three-toed Woodpecker, Goshawk, Blue (Dusky) Grouse and White-tailed Ptarmigan have been seen historically, but may no longer be there.

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Beaver Canyon from above    by Merrill Webb    ©Merrill Webb


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