Brian Currie
Davis County, Utah

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 "Brian L. Currie is an avid birder and nature photographer. He has been a birder for more than 30 years. Though he originally was interested in film photography over 20 years ago, he didn’t feel the equipment met his needs. The advent of digital photography changed all of that and six years ago he bought his first digital camera outfit. He has been busy snapping photos ever since though his camera gear has become more sophisticated (and expensive!). His photos have been featured on; in the book “Hibernation” by noted Zoologist Clive Roots; in an upcoming San Francisco Bay area guide for new birders; in the Idaho Bird Trails guide; in a newsletter for the Friends of the Great Salt Lake ; in a fundraising campaign for Farmington Bay , UT ; and at the Hutchings Museum in Lehi , UT. He also won fifth place in the 2006 National Wildlife Association’s Refuge Photo Contest. ("

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