Submitting Photos


The "Utah Birds" Photo Gallery is a collection of photographs of the birds of North America plus Hawaii (the United States and Canada).  Scenery photos should be of "birding locations" around the state or representative of scenery in a given county and will be displayed on "county -" and "birding locations" pages.

If you submit a picture, it is assumed that permission is given for use on the web site.  People who download and use these photos without permission of the photographer, are doing so against the policies of this web site. 

The Photo Gallery posts pictures of birds in different plumages, from different perspectives, of different genders and ages, and in different activities (in flight, on a nest, etc.).  The goal is to have the best photos that "describe" each particular species of bird. We hope for a wide range of pictures having value in the areas of art, interest and education.

 Photo information:

Please send in the following information:
  • Name of the photographer
  • Name of the bird (if known)
  • Gender and plumage of the bird (if known)
  • Location
  • Date  (The month or season and year will do, if the exact date is not know).
  • (If you would like the photo cropped, resized, lightened or altered in any way, to better fit the internet format, please indicate that).

 Preferred Format:

(If the format is too large, the webmaster is set up to reformat any photo to
an appropriate size for use on the website -- this takes very little time to do).

File size:  100 Kb or less for bird photos; 150 Kb or less for scenery photos   (approximately)

Width:  600 pixels wide or less for bird photos, and 700 pixels or less for scenery photos

(These sizes fit the format of the web pages where the photos are displayed
and allow the pages to come up quickly).

Photographer's Name: If you put your name on the photograph, it is preferable to make it subtle in  color and of a moderate size so as not to distract from the photo itself. The photographer's name and copyright signature will also be included with the other information about the picture.  If you have a preferred photographer name or copyright name, please indicate that preference.

Format assistance: The webmaster will gladly format the pictures  for the internet, so please send them in no matter what the format.  If you have several photos to send in by e-mail attachment, please try to send no more the 10 Meg. of attachments per e-mail.

Some photos may need to be cropped to fit the format and to better display the bird.  If you would like the webmaster to crop the photo, please let him know.  The webmaster will communicate with the photographer about any need for alteration and  will gladly respond to suggestions and requests.

 The "About the Photographers" Page:

We have created a section about the photographers who have contributed bird pictures to the "Utah Birds" website. This will let people know who these photographers are and what equipment they're using and it will provide a way to make contact with the photographers about these photos.  We have a list of all photographers and a link that will Google their photos on the website.  In addition to  this you can provide a "Photographer's Bio", if you' like.  Below are some instructions:

The webmaster will only post information for your "Bio"  that you provide. Here are some suggestions as what kinds of  information to send in. (All are optional of course):
  • Name and where you live (probably not a street address).
  • A picture of yourself (maybe with your camera or in the field).
  • A little about your background (Just a few brief details to give people some idea about what kind of person is taking these bird photos).
  • Type of equipment you use to take the pictures.
  • An address (URL) for a personal website where you have others bird photos that people may vies (no commercial sites please).
  • An e-mail address in case someone would like to contact you.
  • And maybe a statement of purpose or comment about how you feel about your hobby.

What won't be posted on the page is:

  • Anything you don't want on there.
  • Any overt solicitation of business for monetary gain (We have a non-commercial policy for the website -- whatever contact you have with people through your e-mail addresses is, of course, a private matter).

If you'd like to participate, just send in the information and a picture of yourself (if you'd like) and it will appear on the "About the Photographers" pages soon.

  Where to send your photos and information:

Attach your photos and send your information to:    

Questions: Please e-mail the webmaster at: