Photo Gallery Notes:

There are over 16,000 pictures of more than 600 bird species in our Photo Gallery as of July 2013. We would like to have pictures of birds of different ages, genders, plumages, from front, side and back, in flight or doing other activities.  Our goal is to help birders get to know and understand better the birds of North America through these "frozen moments" in the lives of the birds around us. Hopefully this will be interesting, educational and gratifying to those who browse these pages.

If you would like to contribute pictures to the Photo Gallery please read the instructions on the Submitting Photos page.

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se of photos from this website:
  The photographers who have graciously allowed us to display their picture on the "Utah Birds" website do so with no monetary compensation.  If anyone would like to use these photos for other purposes, please contact the photographers to obtain their permission to use them.  If the email address can not be obtained from the "Photographer Profile" please contact the for assistance.