Verification of Unusual Sight Record
For Utah

Rec. # 11-2000

Common name:

Black-and-White Warbler

Scientific name: Mniotilta varia
Date: 22 Oct 2000
Time: 12:45
Length of time observed: 20 sec
Number: 1
Age: unknown
Sex: unknown (see description)


Location: Mathis Park, St. George
County: Washington
Elevation: ~2500 ft
Distance to bird: ~10 m
Optical equipment:  
Weather: 55 F, cloudy, 2-3 mph wind
Light Conditions: Cloudy sky at mid-day
Detailed description of bird: A strikingly black & white striped warbler. White median crown stripe, black lateral crown stripes, white supercilium, and black eyestripe w/ darkish (but not jet black) auricular patch. Black & white striped on back. Two bold white wingbars. Black streaking on flanks; otherwise, white underparts.

Chin and throat were white, which suggests female, but does not rule out male (Dunn and Garrett 1997). Extent of black on side of neck not noted, which will prevent definite sex determination. However, I can rule out first fall female because the bird lacked any buff or yellowish coloration. The black and white contrast was striking on this bird.

Song or call & method of delivery: No vocalization
Behavior: Foraging on main trunk of deciduous tree, approx. 3m above the ground. Bird was with large flock of primarily Audubon's Warblers.
Habitat: Riparian Woodland along the Santa Clara River.
Similar species and
how were they eliminated:
No other species presenting serious identification challenge. Median white crown stripe and black/white striping on back eliminates Black-throated Gray Warbler..
Previous experience with this & similar species: Extensive experience with Black and White Warbler in eastern U.S. and with Black-throated Gray Warbler in western U.S.
References consulted: Dunn & Garrett. 1997. A Field Guide to Warblers of North America.
Description from: From memory.
Observer: Robert Dobbs
Observer's address:  234 E. Cobble Creek Dr. #4, Cedar City, Utah  84720
Observer's e-mail address:
Other observers who independently identified
this bird:
Steve and Priscilla Summers
Date prepared: 22 Oct 2000
Additional material:  

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