Unusual Sight Record for Utah
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2021-54
Parasitic Jaeger

Date first observed:  26 Sep 2021
Antelope Island Causeway, Davis


  • 26 Sep 2021-  Bryant Olsen  [Record #2021-54], Max Malmquist (Photo), Mike Malmquist, (11 people in the class - including: Katen Bilay, Mitchell Dart, Charlie Todd, Charles Hurd, Tena Rohr)

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1st round: 27 Sep 2021 7 acc, 1 not, 2 to 2nd
2nd round: 4 Nov 2021 6 acc, 3 not
Completed: 13 Nov 2021 Accepted


Summary:   With some concern about the distance from the bird and photos that were not very clear, the description of the definitive characteristics was enough to be convincing.
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