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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2020-70
Pomarine Jaeger

Date first observed: 18 Nov 2020
Lee Kay Ponds, Salt Lake


  • 18 Nov 2020 - Bryant Olsen  [Record #2020-70]  (Photos) Mike and Max Malquist, Matthew Pendleton (Photos), Pomera Fronce, Joanna Kane, Kendall Watkins, Lauri Taylor, Vivian Schneggenburger, Monte Neate-Clegg, Kyle Kittelberger, Alex George, Gabriela Ortiz,
  • 19 Nov 2020 - Quinn Diaz (Photos), Stephen Carlile, Jessica Holt, Suzi Holt (Photos), Amanda Holt, Ned Kuntz (Photos), Jared Davidson, Steve Van Winkle (Photos),, Darren Hall (Photos), James Hoffman, Dennis Shirley, Rachel LeBlanc, Nate Brown, Kenny Frisch (Photos), Kyle Fisher (Photos), Jeff Cooper, Ian Batterman, Von Welch (Photos), Jon Aird (Photos), Carol Harris, Janice Vander Molen, Geniel Simpson, Tim Avery (Photos)
  • 20 Nov 2020 - Robert Parsons, Bruce Robinson, James Loveless (Photos), Corey Riding, Joel Holtrop, John Neill (Photos)...(and at least 12 others)
  • 21 Nov 2020 -  David Wheeler, Ryan McCulloch, Jessica and Cory Stokes, Sherree Sheide, Joel McIntyre (Photos),.Darren Pendleton, (and many more)

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1st round: 19 Nov 2020 9 acc
Completed: 31 Dec 2020 Accepted


Summary:  Excellent documentation and great photo with many eye-witnesses for this very rare bird.
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