Verification of Unusual Sight Record
For Utah

Rec. # 2020-16a

Common name:

Harlequin Duck

Scientific name: Histrionicus histrionicus
Date: 05/08/2020
Time: 5:30 pm
Length of time observed: 15 minutes
Number: 2
Age: Adult
Sex: M & F
Location: Ponds N of Willard Bay SP
County: Box Elder
Elevation: 4135
Distance to bird: 105 yards
Optical equipment: Vortex Razor 27-60 HD Spotting Scope
Weather: Sunny
Light Conditions: Bright
Description:        Size of bird: ~16
(Description:)       Basic Shape: Bay Duck
(Description:)  Overall Pattern: Dark
(Description:)            Bill Type: Stubby for a Sea Duck
Field Marks and
Identifying Characteristics:
Female mostly in sleeping posture, but white post ocular spot observed. Male overall dark slate-blue with white crescent running from crown down between eye and base of bill. White post ocular spot, vertical shoulder stripe, and across secondaries. Large rusty side patch. Unmistakable bird.
(see photo)
Song or call & method of delivery: N/A
Behavior: Resting.
Habitat: Rocky man-made shoreline of polishing pond.
Similar species and how
were they eliminated:
Unmistakable ID. Nothing remotely close within range .
Previous experience with
this & similar species:
Have seen multiple individuals in Nome and have observed in Utah.
References consulted: None.
Description from: From photo(s) taken at the time of the sighting
Observer: Mike Hearell
Observer's address: Pleasant View
Observer's e-mail address: **
Other observers who independently identified this bird: Hal and Kathleen Robbins were the birders that initially reported the birds. Also seen by K Purdy, T Abbott, and B Olsen to name a few.
Date prepared: 5/13/20
Additional material: Photo
Additional comments: Waited for others to make a report, but gave up and made my own.