Unusual Sight Record for Utah
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2020-02
Parasitic Jaeger

Date first observed: 21 Sep 2014
Antelope Island Causeway, 2nd bridge, Davis


  • 21 Sep 2014 - Bryant Olsen [Record #2020-02 Kendal Watkins, Norm Jensen  (Photo), Gail Jensen, BIlly Fenimore

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1st round: 4 Jan 2020 7 acc, 1 not, 1 NAS
2nd round: 5 Feb 2020 3 acc, 4 not, 2 NAS
Completed: 24 Mar 2020 Not Accepted


Summary:  In the first round, most assumed that this was the same bird that was seen two weeks earlier at the same location, when it was considered more on the description itself in the second round, it was decided that other species were not adequately eliminated.
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