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Rec. # 2019-25
Wandering Tattler

Date first observed: 28 Aug 2019
Antelope Island Causeway, Davis


  • 28 Aug 2019 - Bryant Olsen  [Record #2019-25]  (Photos), Neldon Kunz (Photos), Scott Crabtree (Photos), Matthew Pendleton (Photo), Vivian Schneggenburger (Photos), Kendall Watking, James Loveless (Photo), NaConi Mead, Kyle Fisher (Photo), Steve Butterworth, J. Blair Briggs, Macob Briggs, David Wheeler,  and  many others
  • 29 Aug 2019 - Sherree Sheide, James Hoffman, Weston Smith, Stephen Carlile, John Neil
  • 30 Aug 2019 - Lauren Brock, John Jackson (Photo), Sam Phillips, Keeli Marvel,
  • 31 Aug 2019 - Barb Eastman (Photos), Jessica and Cory Stokes, Kyle Fisher, Taylor Gallagher, Vivian Schneggenburger, Kyle Fisher, Michael Hurben, David Belnap, and others
  • 1 Sep2019 - Mike Hearell, Taylor Abbott (Photo), Miriam Sheffield, Wesley Long
  • 2 Sep2019 - Neldon Kunz, Wesley Long (Photo), Kevin Christensen (Photos), Sandhya Pindi, Merrill Webb

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1st round: 29 Aug 2019 8 acc
Completed: 5 Nov 2019 Accepted


Summary:  Excellent documentation for this bird seen by many reliable observers left no doubt about the ID.
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