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Rec. # 2018-43
Hutton's Vireo

Date first observed: 3 Sep 2018
Garr Ranch, Antelope Island SP, Davis County


  • 3 Sep 2018 - Jon Aird  [Record #2018-43]  (Photos)

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1st round: 18 Sep 2018 4 acc, 4 not, 1 No, Nat
2nd round: 14 Nov 2018 3 acc, 5 not, 1 No, Nat
3rd round: 6 Jan 2019 3 acc, 5 not, 1 No, Nat
Completed: 16 Mar 2019 Not Accepted


Summary:   As a possible first state record, this sighting was questioned on being way out of it range for a species not known for vagrancy, on its possibly being an escapee and also on possibly being an immature Cassin's Vireo.  There were too many doubts to be accepted as a first state record.

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        [This species has never been officially documented in Utah].


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