Unusual Sight Record for Utah
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2017-44
Palm Warbler

Date first observed:  30 Jun 2017
Ponderosa CG, Juab County


  • 30 Jun 2017 -  Neldon Kunz [Record #2017-44]

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1st round: 5 Jul 2017 5 acc, 4 not
2nd round: 11 Oct 2017 2 acc, 7 not
Completed: 28 Nov 2017 Not Accepted


Summary:   With a problematic date for this sighting and no photo, it came down to the description of the bird which included rufous cap, thin bill and yellow throat and vent which is pretty convincing, but didn't include mention of streaking on the breast or tail wagging, which would have helped. Several other species were thought to be possibilities and weren't quite ruled out.
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