Unusual Sight Record for Utah
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2012-35
Tropical Kingbird

Date first observed:    11 Sep 2012
Provo Airport Dike (South Extension), Utah County


  • 11 Sep 2012 - Eric Huish  [Record #2012-35], (Photos & Video 1 Video 2), KC Child's, Tim Avery, David Wheeler, Lorene Wyss, Ned Bixler, Jeff Cooper (Photos) , Steve Carr, Steve and Cindy Sommerfeld, Norm Jenson, Shyloh Robinson, Alton Thygerson, Douglas Mead, Pat Jividen, Joel and Kathy Beyer, Dennis and Bryan Shirley, Milt Moody, Tuula Rose, Keeli Marvel

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  Date Posted


1st round: 13 Sep 2012 5 acc, 4 not
2nd round: 9 Nov 2012 6 acc, 2 not
Completed: 16 Dec 2012 Accepted


Summary:  It was difficult to eliminate the Couch's Kingbird as a possibility, but the length of the bill and outside expert opinions were convincing for most, that this is a Tropical Kingbird.
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