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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2008-08
Mississippi Kite

Date first observed:  5 May 2008
 Logan River Golf Course, Logan, Cache Co.


  • 5 May 2008 -   Ryan O'Donnell  [Record #2008-08], Craig Fosdick  [Record #2008-08b]

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Records Committee Review:



1st round: 8 May 2008 4 acc, 3 not
2nd round: 30 Oct 2008 4 acc, 3 not
3rd round: 1 May 2009 3 acc, 4 not
Completed: 27 Aug 2009 Not accepted


1st round: 23 Feb 2021 7 acc, 1 not
2nd round: 19 Apr 2021 7 acc, 2 not
Completed: 26 Jun 2021 Accepted



Although observer competence and experience were more than adequate, the Committee was concerned with the lighting under which the observation was made and the brief period for which it was observed (roughly one minute). As this would have been a first state record for the species, it was felt that a higher degree of certainty was needed to accept this record.  On resubmission, the record was thought to be acceptable on its merits.

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