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Unusual Sight Record
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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2006-13(R82)
Least Flycatcher

Date first observed:  11,12 Jun 1982
 Murray, Salt Lake Co.


  • 11 Jun 1982 - Brad Stovall [Record #2006-13(R82)]
  • 12 Jun 1982 - Brad Stovall

Sight Records:

Records Committee Review:



Date Posted (1st round): 16 Mar 2006 4 acc, 3 not
Date Moved to 2nd Round: 28 May 2006 3 acc, 4 not
Date Moved to 3rd Round: 31 Jul 2006 3 acc, 4 not
Date Completed: 19 Oct 2006 Not accepted


For the committee, the question was whether to accepted this record on pretty much the call alone.  Some went one way and some went the other.


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