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Utah Bird Records Committee

Rec. # 2004-24
White Ibis

Date first observed:  11 Sep 2004
 North of Spanish Fork, Utah County


  • 11 Sep 2004 - Dave Hanscom [Record 2004-24], Jack Binch [photos] and Kent Lewis;
    Anne, Pomera Fronce and Bruce Robinson;
    Eric Huish and many others
  • 12 Sep 2004 -  Brad Wahlin;
    Marsha McClean, Tuula Rose, Milt Moody, Jay Shirley, Dennis Shirley
    Mark Stackhouse  [photo]
  • 13 Sep 2004 - Matt Williams
  • 14 Sep 2004 - Brooke Snarr (1:00 PM)

Sighting Records:

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Date Posted (1st round): 22 Sep 2004 7 Acc
Date Completed: 3 Dec 2004 Accepted


Summary: Excellent description and photos made the ID easy.  No signs that the bird was an escapee.  First record for the state.



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