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Rec. # 1999-02
Hoary Redpoll

Date first observed:    26 Feb 1999
 Hyde Park, Cache County


  • 26 Feb 1999 - Ron Ryel [Record #1999-02a], Lawrence Ryel [Record #1999-02b]
  • 28 Feb 1999 - Gordon Bosworth [Record #1999-02c], Teal Bosworth

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A female Hoary Redpoll can be extremely difficult to distinguish from Common Redpoll unless all fieldmarks are observed. This first state record Hoary Redpoll was observed by three observers, two of which had previous experience with both species of redpoll and were able to see the upper and underparts of this bird and note the key fieldmarks. The bird was pure white from the black chin patch to the undertail coverts, had a white rump, white tips on the tertials, and only a few tan stripes on the sides. In comparison, a Common Redpoll always has a few dark streaks on the undertail coverts and even more streaking on the rump and flanks.


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