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  Feature Articles with Photos:

The California Condor in Utah
With photos, a map and information
Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay - the Next Year
Photos by Ted Steinke
Eagle and Osprey Meet
With photos by Ted Steinke

Screech-Owl Nest Box - The Continuing Story
by  Eric Huish

Pink Floyd, Utah Chilean Flamingo
With photos, articles and e-mails
Disoriented Ducks
With photos by Eric Dawes and Ted Steinke
Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay
With photos by Ted Steinke
Northern Hawk Owl in Ketchum, Idaho
With photos by Eric Huish
Comparison of Greater and Lesser Scaup
With photos by Brian Currie
"A New Development in Online Birding"
by Tom Williams
A Bushtit "Group Hug"
by Marlene Foard
Costa Rican Birding Adventure
by Ned Hill
"An Osprey Family Album"  (Printable Copy)
by Milton Moody
"One Hundred Species in One Day" Field Trip
by Milton Moody
"Wandering in the Wilderness"
Photos by Dennis Jones
"Smoking is on the rise"
Submitted by Robin Tuck
Photo by Robert F. Bukati
Hummer on a Porch
by Christian Peay
"This is Why I Bird"  
by Kris Purdy
"Birding in the Trenches"
Steller's Jay Article and Photo
Photo by Jack Binch
Article by Tom Williams
A bird Story: "Change is in the Air"
mewgull1.jpg (62531 bytes) Mew-looking Ring-billed Gull  (Nov 1999) 
by Mark Stackhouse
"A Chickadee of a Different Stripe" (1998)
Photo by Mary McGreal
icelandmys1a.jpg (54238 bytes) Iceland Gull at the Bountiful Dump? (Mar 1998)
Photos by Colby Newman

Other Feature articles:

Your Handy BAS Guide to the Spring Bird Migration in Cache County,
by Bryan Dixon (bdixon@xmission.com). Published in the March 1995 issue of the Stilt.
Bridgerland Audubon Society
P.O. Box 3501
Logan, UT 84323-3501.

Old Bird Names (pdf) by Mark Stackhouse
County Lines   by Robin Tuck
An English Visit to Southern Utah   
Robin's View
Lois Clark's Tips for Attracting Birds to Your Yard

A Starling by Any Other Name (also by Lois)
Siberian Accentor in Idaho!
Milton Moody's Bird Words
Radios: Talk on 10-10

Ned Hill's Attu Adventures:


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Photo of Ogden Bay by Brian Currie; Photos of Bald Eagles in Animation by Ted Steinke and Brian Currie -  Copyright 2004
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