My Best & Favorite Bird Photos - 2017


 (Please do not use these photos without the permission of the photographer).

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Leena Rogers    Western Screech-Owl Great Horned Owl
Kristin & Jeremy Telford    Snowy Plover Red-breasted Nuthatch
Suzi Holt    Western Screech-Owl Costa's Hummingbird
Bryan Fox    Red-winged Blackbird American Goldfinch
Daniel Lindhardt    Osprey Blue Jay
Melissa Stot    Rough-winged Hawk Red-tailed Hawk


      Melissa Stott    ©Melissa Stott

Rough-Legged Hawk - One of my best was catching this hawk coming in for a landing up at Farmington Bay. I was still using a manual focus lens so a clear picture was an extra challenge.

      Melissa Stott    ©Melissa Stott

Red-tailed Hawk - One of my favorites is this juvenile red tail peaking at me through the branches, hanging out close to the oxbow on Provo River.


      Daniel Lindhardt    ©Daniel Lindhardt

Probably my favorite Osprey shot Iíve taken. This one was at Echo Reservoir.

      Daniel Lindhardt    ©Daniel Lindhardt

One of the Blue Jays hanging out in Holladay back in December.


      Bryan Fox    ©Bryan Fox

Gosh this is hard! Iím only in my first year birding/photographing, and Iíve seen so much in a short time. One of my favorites turned out to be an unexpected photo shoot with a female Red-wing Blackbird on my first trip to Bear River MBR. Her pose and the green backdrop all showcased how beautiful a ďplainĒ bird really is! The mouthful of worms was a bonus.

      Bryan Fox    ©Bryan Fox

And this photo of an American Goldfinch down by the Provo River Trail is another fave. Maybe itís the way heís looking into the camera, but I swear heís smiling (or smirking) every time I look at it!


      Suzi Holt    ©Suzi Holt

This little Western Screech-Owl at the Payson Cemetery has been photographed in rain, sleet sun and snow! It is the cutest little guy ever!


      Suzi Holt    ©Suzi Holt

I love Hummers!! This Costa's Hummingbird was visiting our feeders in Sand Hollow.


      Kristin Alana Telford    ©Kristin Alana Telford

Snowy Plover- Both my wife and I saw Snow Plovers for the first time last year. They are adorable. This is one of my favorite shots of them from last year. (I am pretty sure Kristin took the picture, she takes some of the best.) The photo was taken at Lincoln Beach.


       Jeremy Telford    ©Jeremy Telford

Red-breasted Nuthatch- The Red-breasted Nuthatch was the bird that got me hooked on birding. I have been trying to get a good image on one ever since. This last year I got one I am very satisfied with. It was taken at Devil's Kitchen on the Nebo Loop. (This one I remember as being my photo.)


       Leena Rogers   ©Leena Rogers

My best photo of this past year: the Great Horned-Owl at Payson Cemetery. My favorite: the Western Screech-Owl napping in the sun, also at Payson Cemetery.


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