Utah Bird Report for 1/2/2002
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Snow Goose  Utah Co., Washington Co. 
Ross's Goose  Washington Co. 
Trumpeter Swan  Juab Co. 
Greater Scaup  Salt Lake Co. 
Surf Scoter  Davis Co.  
White-winged Scoter  Washington Co. 
Long-tailed Duck  Davis Co. 
Hooded Merganser  Cache Co., Davis Co. 
Least Sandpiper  Davis Co. 
RUFF  Box Elder Co. 
Wilson's Phalarope  Davis Co. 
Glaucous-winged Gull Davis Co. 
Lewis's Woodpecker  Weber Co. 
Barn Swallow  Washington Co. 
Winter Wren  Utah Co. 
Northern Mockingbird   Cache Co.
American Tree Sparrow  Box Elder Co. 
Lapland Longspur  Davis Co. 
Snow Bunting  Davis Co. 
Great-tailed Grackle  Utah Co. 
COMMON REDPOLL   Box Elder Co., Juab Co., Salt Lake Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


The RUFF, which was seen on 12/19, was seen in the same location many times through Friday, 12/28 (v.o.). It has not been seen since 12/28. The bird had been 1.2 miles west of Stinking Springs, about 8 miles west of Corinne along SR 83, in some open water on the south side of the road. This is the second record of Ruff in Utah, following the first sighting of Ruff last September.

A flock of 16 COMMON REDPOLLS, including at least 4 adult males, was seen at about 3 pm on Tuesday, 01/01, at the town of Mantua (MS,DW). The birds were feeding on the catkins of birch trees along Main Street between 100 North and 200 North. They were last seen in a birch tree just east of Main St. at 200 North.

An AMERICAN TREE SPARROW was seen on the south side of SR 83, about 1/2 mile west of Stinking Springs, on Tuesday, 01/01 (MS,DW).


A NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was seen in Logan on Sunday, 12/30 (SD), and again on Tuesday, 01/01 (MS,DW). It was at the east end of the neighborhood just north of the Logan GC.

A pair of HOODED MERGANSERS was seen at First Dam, at the mouth of Logan Canyon, on Friday, 12/28 (KA).


A number of good birds have been seen along the AIC recently. Up to two female LONG-TAILED DUCKS have been seen, most often on the south side at the first culvert, from Thursday, 12/20, through at least Friday, 12/28 (v.o.). A female SURF SCOTER, seen mostly on the south side between MM 2 and MM 4, has been reported from Thursday, 12/20 through Tuesday, 01/01 (v.o.). A SNOW BUNTING has been seen from just east of MM 2 to MM 5 from Wednesday, 12/26 through Monday, 12/31 (v.o.). A LAPLAND LONGSPUR was seen at MM 4 on Thursday, 12/20 (TS). On Tuesday, 12/25, 6 LEAST SANDPIPERS were seen on the island just north of the first bridge, and a WILSON'S PHALAROPE was seen at MM 3 (DC).

A GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL was seen at the West Bountiful Landfill on Thursday, 12/27 (DG), and again on Friday, 12/28 (LW).

At least three pairs of HOODED MERGANSERS have been seen at the Kaysville Ponds through Tuesday, 01/01 (v.o.). They have been at the north end of the ponds, which can be reached by taking exit 331 from I-15, going east to Main St., then turning south to 50 West, where Main St. bends east, and taking 50 West south 1/2 mile to the ponds.


A COMMON REDPOLL was seen on the CBC at Fish Springs NWR on Sunday, 12/30 (DG,CN,TS). The bird was in a tamarisk thicket along the Pony Express route 12 miles west of the refuge, about 1/2 mile west of the power lines that cross the road. It was last seen flying northeast across the desert.

An immature TRUMPETER SWAN with a neck collar was seen at the Burriston Ponds, south of Mona, on Thursday, 12/27 (JR,SW).


A COMMON REDPOLL was seen coming to a feeder at 23 North 900 West in Salt Lake City on Thursday, 12/20 (JB). It has not been seen since.

A male GREATER SCAUP was seen at Warm Springs Lake, just west of I-15 at the 2300 North exit in Salt Lake City, on Tuesday, 01/01 (MS,DW).


A WINTER WREN was seen along the Provo River Parkway trail in Provo Canyon, at the Canyon Glen Picnic Area on Thursday, 12/20 (DS).

A SNOW GOOSE was seen at East Bay GC on Thursday, 12/20 (EH).

GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES are back in Lehi, with several seen at the MacDonald's, just west of I-15 at exit 282, on Tuesday, 01/01 (KS).


A WHITE-WINGED SCOTER and a first-winter HERRING GULL continued to be seen at Quail Creek Reservoir through Saturday, 12/22 (RF).

At SunRiver GC in St. George, a ROSS'S GOOSE and a SNOW GOOSE were reported present on Friday, 12/21, and a pair of BARN SWALLLOWS were seen on Saturday, 12/22 (BH).


A LEWIS'S WOODPECKER was seen in Pleasant View on Saturday, 12/29 (MS,LW) and on Tuesday, 01/01 (MS,DW). The bird was in a dead tree just west of the entrance to the Pole Patch development on 900 West, about 1 mile north of Main St.

Observers: KA=Keith Archibald, JB=Jack Binch, DC=Darren Clark (of ID), SD=Sue Drown, RF=Rick Fridell, DG=Dana Green, EH=Eric Huish, BH=Bill Hunter, CN=Colby Neuman, JR=John Reynolds, TS=Terry Sadler, DS=Dennis Shirley, MS=Mark Stackhouse, KS=Kay Stone, SW=Sid Westerman, DW=David Wheeler, LW=Larene Wyss

Abbreviations used:
AIC = Antelope Island Causeway 
CBC = Christmas Bird Count 
GC = golf course 
MM = mile marker 
NWR = National Wildlife Refuge 
SP = State Park 
SR = State Route 
v.o. = various observers

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