Utah Bird Report for 2/2/2001
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Pacific Loon  Washington Co. 
American Bittern  Davis Co. 
Greater White-fronted Goose  Utah Co., Washington Co. 
Wood Duck  Salt Lake Co., Utah Co. 
Greater Scaup  Washington Co. 
Long-tailed Duck  Davis Co. 
Barrow's Goldeneye  Salt Lake Co. 
Hooded Merganser  Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Washington Cnts. 
Peregrine Falcon  Salt Lake Co., Utah Co. 
ICELAND GULL (possible)  Davis Co. 
Glaucous Gull  Davis Co., Utah Co. 
Winter Wren  Utah Co. 
Western Bluebird  Washington Co. 
Varied Thrush  Utah Co., Weber Co. 
White-throated Sparrow  Utah Co. 
Golden-crowned Sparrow  Washington Co. 
Great-tailed Grackle  Utah Co.


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Compiler: Kathy Beyer
Transcriber: Kathy Beyer


An AMERICAN BITTERN and a female LONG-TAILED DUCK were located at Farmington Bay WMA on Saturday, 1/13 during a Salt Lake Birders outing (m.ob.). The BITTERN was at the first small pond on the east side of the entrance road. This bird was last reported on Thursday, 2/1. The DUCK was seen at the first bridge along the west dike road. This bird was last reported on Monday, 1/15.

The two pair of HOODED MERGANSERS that have been at the northernmost of the Kaysville ponds since 1/6, were still there as of Sunday, 1/28 (J&KB). These ponds can be seen from I-15 at Kaysville, and can be accessed from Exit 331.

An adult GLAUCOUS GULL was spotted at Farmington Bay WMA on Saturday, 1/27 (MV). The bird was seen at the southern end of the west dike road, near the south gate. The next day, 1/28, and also on Thursday, 2/1, one adult and one second winter GLAUCOUS GULL were reported in about the same area--100 to 200 yards south of the south gate (MJ,MM,MW). Along with the GLAUCOUS GULLS at this location on 1/28, was a bird that looked like a possible ICELAND GULL (MJ), and on 2/1, a LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL (MM, MW), both of which were reported at the Bountiful Landfill during the last week of December and the first week of January. It is possible that these are the same birds, since the Bountiful Landfill is near the southern edge of Farmington Bay WMA.


The pair of WOOD DUCKS first seen at the beginning of January at the Draper Wetlands Park at about 750 East and 11800 South, were reported again on Saturday, 1/13. A PEREGRINE FALCON was also seen at the same location on that day (J&KB).

On Saturday, 1/27, a BARROW'S GOLDENEYE was seen along the JRP, just north of 3300 South at a small bridge that crosses the Jordan River near the Oxbow Trailhead (JH).

A female HOODED MERGANSER was spotted at the Great Salt Lake SP Marina near Saltair on Sunday, 1/28 (MJ).


A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE, probably the same one that was found at this location at the end of November, was seen at the East Bay GC in Provo on Tuesday, 1/16 (DS). This bird has generally been associating with a flock of 30 to 40 Canada Geese, and was last reported on 1/23.

Also, in the area near East Bay GC, a EURASIAN WIGEON was sighted on Thursday, 1/18 (PD). This bird was seen on the eastern edge of the GC in the canal behind the Franklin Covey building. The bird is likely to be the same one reported at this location on Christmas Eve. The last sighting report of this bird was received on 1/24.

Also, a PEREGRINE FALCON was seen sitting on the Novell building near this same area of East Bay in Provo on 1/25 (DS).

A large group of WOOD DUCKS consisting of seven males and five females was reported in Provo at 2710 West 220 North on Monday, 1/22 (BP). These birds have been seen quite consistently at this location since then, with the most recent report being on 1/28.

On Sunday, 1/28, a HOODED MERGANSER was spotted along the south side of the Provo Airport dike road (LB). Specifically, it was located in the canal--not in the lake--to the west of the southern dike extension, just before the road becomes "really bumpy".

A RED-SHOULDERED HAWK seems to be hanging around the area of Powell Slough. The bird was first reported in December, and was resighted on Friday, 1/12 (DS, S&BC) and again on Sunday, 1/14 (J&KB) in the trees near the water treatment facility.

On Sunday, 1/14, a GLAUCOUS GULL was sighted at Utah Lake SP (AT). The bird was seen again on 1/15 (DG), and last reported on 1/22 (BP).

A WINTER WREN was seen in the rocks and the brushy trees along the sides of the Provo Airport dike road on Sunday, 1/14 (J&KB). The bird was located at the southwest corner of the dike.

The VARIED THRUSH that has been seen regularly since 1/6 in southeastern Provo, was still being seen through Monday, 1/22 (m.ob.). To get to the area where the bird has been seen, take State Street to 1640 South and turn west toward the railroad tracks. Just before crossing the tracks, turn right onto a cinder road, and go to the parking area a short way along this road. The bird has been seen in this area.

A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW has been coming to a feeder in Provo since December (MM). The bird can be seen at 2780 North 930 East, and is most commonly seen after it snows.

The "Common Grackles" that were reported in the vicinity of the Lehi Roller Mills on 1/1, have been re-identified as GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES (KS, J&KB). These birds have been in the same area since Thanksgiving and were last reported on 1/21. If they aren't at the Roller Mills, check the parking lots of the fast food restaurants across the street!


A PACIFIC LOON has been seen at Quail Creek Reservoir. The bird was first sighted on Sunday, 1/14 (SS), but it has been seen as recently as 1/31. Even though the bird has been staying near the far shore of the reservoir, it can be seen from the first parking area above the dam.

The GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE that was reported at the Southgate GC in St. George, was still being seen as of Wednesday, 1/31 (DS).

A GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW was seen on Saturday, 1/20, at the Red Cliffs Campground with a flock of White-crowned Sparrows (RD).

Other birds that were reported in Washington County on 1/30 and 1/31, were: a GREATER SCAUP at Gunlock Reservoir, 25 HOODED MERGANSERS at Ivins Reservoir, and a WESTERN BLUEBIRD at Lytle Ranch (DS).


The VARIED THRUSH that was first sighted on 1/11 at the Ogden Nature Center, was sighted again on 1/17 (AC).

Observers: LB=Lara Burton, J&KB=Joel & Kathy Beyer, AC=Alan Condie, S&BC=Sylvia & Bert Cundick, PD=Pia DeVries, RD=Rob Dobbs, DG=Dana Green, JH=Jack Holley, MJ=Michael Johnson, MM=Milton Moody, BP=Bob Parsons, DS=Dennis Shirley, KS=Kay Stone, SS=Steve Summers, AT=Alton Thygerson, MV=Martha Veranth, MW=Merrill Webb, KW=Kevin Wheeler

Abbreviations used:

GC = Golf Course JRP = Jordan River Parkway m.ob. = many observers SP = State Park WMA = Waterfowl Management Area

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Thursday, February 2, 2001.

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