Utah Bird Report for 11/26/2000
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Common Loon  Summit Co. 
American White Pelican  Washington Co. 
Wood Duck  Salt Lake Co. 
Oldsquaw (Long-tailed Duck)  Box Elder Co., Davis Co. 
Barrow's Goldeneye  Davis Co. 
Hooded Merganser  Cache Co. 
Marbled Godwit  Box Elder Co. 
Bonaparte's Gull  Box Elder Co. 
Herring Gull  Davis Co. 
Thayer's Gull  Davis Co., Utah Co. 
Northern Pygmy-Owl  Utah Co. 
Winter Wren  Washington Co. 
Townsend's Warbler  Utah Co.
Black-and-white Warbler  Washington Co. 
American Tree Sparrow  Salt Lake Co. 
Harris's Sparrow  Davis Co., Salt Lake Co. 
Lapland Longspur  Davis Co., Iron Co. 
Red Crossbill  Utah Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


At BRMBR, a female OLDSQUAW (Long-tailed Duck) was seen on the Bear River near the refuge entrance on Wednesday, 11/22 (TS). It was seen again at the same location on Friday, 11/24 (CW).

Other birds seen this week at BRMBR included several MARBLED GODWITS along the east dike road, and many BONAPARTE'S GULLS along the river near the entrance, both reports from Monday, 11/20 (DP).


Two female and one male HOODED MERGANSERS were seen on the pond at first dam, at the mouth of Logan Canyon, on Saturday, 11/25 (CG).


A HARRIS'S SPARROW was seen at Antelope Island SP on Sunday, 11/19 (J&KB). It was near the small parking area just past Ladyfinger Point, which is the second parking area encountered as you drive counter-clockwise around the north end of the island. A HARRIS'S SPARROW was also seen at the feeder at the visitor's center on Tuesday, 11/21 (DS).

Along the AIC, an OLDSQUAW (Long-tailed Duck) and a BARROW'S GOLDENEYE were seen near the second bridge on Tuesday, 11/21 (DS).

The LAPLAND LONGSPUR, which has been seen near the south end of the west dike road at FBWMA, was last reported on Sunday, 11/19 (DG,LL).

At the West Bountiful Landfill, just south of FBWMA, numerous HERRING and THAYER'S GULLS of all ages were seen on Wednesday, 11/23 (M&SS).


A LAPLAND LONGSPUR was seen along Quichapa Lake Road, southwest of Cedar City, on Sunday, 11/19 (SSu). To get there, take SR 56 west from Cedar City for about 8 miles to Quichapa Lake Road, turning south on this road for about 2 miles to where the bird was seen.


An immature HARRIS'S SPARROW was seen along the JRP on Monday, 11/20 (M&SS). The bird was seen in the brush along the trail about 100 yds. south of the trailhead parking area on the south side of 126th South.

AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS continue to be seen along the southwest shore of Decker Lake, as of Thursday, 11/23 (JH).

A pair of WOOD DUCKS was seen in the Millcreek area on Tuesday, 11/21 (MA).


Two COMMON LOONS were seen on the last of the open water at Rockport Reservoir on Thursday, 11/23 (KM).


The East Bay GC in Provo produced sightings of two good birds in recent days. A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was seen there on Sunday, 11/26 (DS), and a EURASIAN WIGEON was seen on Thursday, 11/23 (J&RT). Both birds were seen near the south end of the pond which runs along the east side of the GC, near the Franklin-Covey Warehouse, and near a small, wooded island where Black-crowned Night-Herons roost.

At the Provo City Cemetary, a flock of RED CROSSBILLS continues to be seen, with sightings on Saturday, 11/18 (LR) and on Sunday, 11/19 (DG,KL,LL,JVM). A TOWNSEND'S WARBLER was also seen there on Sunday, 11/19 (DG,KL,LL,JVM).

A THAYER'S GULL was seen at Utah Lake SP on Sunday, 11/19 (DG,KL,LL,JVM).

A NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL was seen in Diamond Fork Canyon on Thursday, 11/23 (DS). The bird was in the cottonwoods to the right of the road about 0.7 miles into the canyon.


At Mathis Park, along the Santa Clara River in the southwest part of St. George, a female BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER was seen on Thursday, 11/23. A WINTER WREN was also seen there on the same day (RF).

An AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN was seen on a pond at Southgate GC in St. George on Wednesday, 11/22 (KC,BS). The pond where it was seen is about 1/4 mile east of the parking lot.


A VARIED THRUSH was seen at the Ogden Nature Center on Friday, 11/25 (CR). The bird was along the trail which runs next to the Plain City Canal.

Observers: MA=Martin Allred, K&JB=Kathy & Joel Beyer, KC=Kristie Carmichael, RF=Rick Fridell, DG=Dana Green, CG=Carol Gwynn, JH=Jack Holley, KL=Kent Lewis, LL=Letitia Lussier, KM=Kay Millar, DP=Don Paul, CR=Cal Robbins, LR=Leena Rogers, TS=Terry Sadler, DS=Dennis Shirley, BS=Bob Showler, M&SS=Mark & Sean Stackhouse, SSu=Steve Summers, J&RT=Julie & Robin Tuck, JVM=Julie VanMoorhem, CW=Cliff Weisse

Abbreviations used:

AIC = Antelope Island Causeway BRMBR = Bear River Migratory Bird refuge FBWMA = Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area JRP = Jordan River Parkway GC = golf course SP = State Park SR = State Route

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Sunday, November 26, 2000.

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