Utah Bird Report for 11/3/2000
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Pacific Loon  Cache Co.
Horned Grebe  Washington Co.
White-winged Scoter  Davis Co.
Vermilion Flycatcher  Washington Co.
Winter Wren  Utah Co.
White-throated Sparrow  Salt Lake Co.
Snow Bunting  Davis Co.
Black-headed Grosbeak Washington Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


The winter-plumage PACIFIC LOON, which was seen on Hyrum Reservoir on 10/14, was seen again on Monday, 10/30 (EC).


A VARIED THRUSH was seen at the Fielding-Garr Ranch at Antelope Island SP on Sunday, 10/29 (K&JB). The bird was in the Russian olive trees to the east of the ranch house.

A first-year female WHITE-WINGED SCOTER was seen at FBWMA on Friday, 11/03 (M&SS). It was on the west side of the western dike road at the first bridge.

Two SNOW BUNTINGS were seen along the AIC on Friday, 11/30 (B&KE). They were on the north side of the causeway at milepost 4.


A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW was seen visiting a feeder in the Olympus Cove neighborhood on Monday, 10/30 (CN). It has not been seen since then.


A WINTER WREN was seen at Canyon Glen Park in Provo Canyon on Sunday, 10/29 (LR,TR). To get to where the bird was seen, cross the bridge at the south end of the parking area, and continue to the Provo River Walkway, then go left (downstream). The bird was seen in the thick trailside brush about 1/4 mile along the trail.


A HORNED GREBE was seen at Quail Creek Reservoir on Sunday, 10/29 (KCo,RF).

An immature female VERMILION FLYCATCHER was seen south of Hurricane on Wednesday, 11/01 (KC,BS). To get to where it was seen, take the road to Sky Ranch from Hurricane, and go about 4 miles south to Sky Ranch, then turn right along the south edge of Hurricane fields. The bird was seen at a small stock pond about 2/3 mile along this road.

A late BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK was seen at the Sprindale Ponds behind the Switchback Grill in Springdale on Saturday, 10/28 (BS). The previous late record for Black-headed Grosbeak in the Zion area was for Septemebr 23.

Observers: K&JB=Kathy & Joel Beyer, KC=Kristie Carmichael, KCo=Kristen Comella, EC=Ed Conrad, B&KE=Betty & Keith Evans, RF=Rick Fridell,  CN=Colby Neuman, LR=Leena Rogers, TR=Tuula Rose, BS=Bob Showler, M&SS=Mark &  Sean Stackhouse

Abbreviations used:

AIC = Antelope Island Causeway
FBWMA = Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area
SP = State Park

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Friday, November 3, 2000.

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