Utah Bird Report for 9/17/2000
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net


Birds mentioned

Green Heron   Salt Lake Co.
White-fronted Goose  Washington Co. 
Black-bellied Plover  Cache Co. 
American Golden Plover   Utah Co.
Semipalmated Plover  Washington Co. 
Solitary Sandpiper  Salt Lake Co., Washington Co. 
Sanderling  Davis Co. 
Pectoral Sandpiper  Utah Co., Washington Co. 
Lewis's Woodpecker   Utah Co.
Pinyon Jay  Salt Lake Co. 
Northern Mockingbird  Davis Co. 
Phainopepla  Juab Co. 
Nashville Warbler  Davis Co. 
Black-and-white Warbler  Juab Co.
Chilean Flamingo (escapee)  Salt Lake Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


A BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER was seen at the Amalga Barrens west of Smithfield on Saturday, 09/09 (JBa, m.obs.).


On Friday, 09/15, a NASHVILLE WARBLER was seen at the Garr Ranch at Antelope Island SP, and 5 SANDERLINGS were seen along the AIC (KE,JR,VAS).

A NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was seen along the Jordan River at the Center Street, North Salt Lake bridge on Thursday, 09/14 (VS).


A possible PINE WARBLER was seen at Fish Springs NWR on Saturday, 09/16. The bird was seen in the trees in the housing area near the refuge office at about 7:30 pm (CN). Birders are reminded to request permission at the office before birding the residential area at the refuge. If confirmed, this would be the first record of Pine Warbler in Utah.

Other birds seen at Fish Springs NWR on Saturday, 09/16, included a BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER and a female PHAINOPEPLA, both seen in the housing area near the refuge office (JB,CN,TN,m.obs.).


A BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER was reported seen on the mudflats at Pruess Lake on Sunday, 09/03 (fide CT). Pruess Lake is located near the Nevada border about 3 miles south of Garrison, UT. To get there, either take SR 21 west from Milford, or take US 6 west from Delta to SR 159 and turn south. This is the fourth report of Buff-breasted Sandpiper in Utah.


A possible CONNECTICUT WARBLER was seen along the JRP on Sunday, 09/17 (DG). The bird was seen north of the Germania Park entrance at about  5300 South, just south of a yard on the east that has plastic Canada Geese.  It was working in the undergrowth in front of the first Russian Olive tree south of the yard, on west side of the asphalt path at about 10:30 am. 
This is about 3 miles south of where a Connecticut Warbler was reported on 08/30. There is only one accepted record of Connecticut Warbler in  Utah.

Several LEWIS'S WOODPECKERS were seen in Dimple Dell Park in Sandy on Saturday, 09/16 (JC,TH). The birds were at the southeast end of the park, near the pump house trail.

Along the JRP just north of 106th South, a GREEN HERON and a SOLITARY SANDPIPER were seen on Sunday, 09/10 (DG). The sandpiper was seen again on Tuesday, 09/12 (KL,JVM), and both birds were seen again on Wednesday, 09/13 (DG).

PINYON JAY reports have come in from a variety of locations in the Salt Lake Valley in the past week. On Saturday, 09/09, a flock of about 40-50 was seen flying over downtown Sugar House (DW), another was seen in a yard in Sandy on Monday, 09/11 (DT), and several were seen in the oak brush south of Red Butte Gardens on Monday, 09/11 (SC).

The CHILEAN FLAMINGO which escaped from Tracy Avary 11 years ago has returned to the south shore of the Great Salt Lake. It was seen on Friday, 09/15, just east of Saltair (SD).


A PROTHONOTARY WARBLER was seen along the Provo River Parkway on Sunday, 09/17, at about 11 am, and was still present at 1pm (TR). The bird was 1 1/2 miles upstream from Utah Lake SP, about 200 yards upstream along the trail from where Boat Harbor Road (the road which parallels the parkway on the north side) touches the parkway.

An AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER and a PECTORAL SANDPIPER were seen on a mudflat near the southeast corner of the Provo Airport dike on Sunday, 09/10 (DG,TR,JVM). The birds were just east of the new south extension of the dike.

A LEWIS'S WOODPECKER was seen on a power pole near the southeast corner of the Provo Airport dike on Monday, 09/11 (RS).


An incredible flock of 53 WHITE-FRONTED GEESE was seen flying over Washington Fields on Saturday, 09/09. Other birds seen that same day on a trip which also visited Quail Creek Reservior and the Hurricane sewage lagoons included one SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, 3 SOLITARY SANDPIPERS, and 2 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS (RF,P&SS).

Observers: JB=Jay Banta, JBa=Jared Barnes, SC=Steve Coleman, SD=Steven Daniel (of NY), KE=Kieth Evans, RF=Rick Fridell, DG=Dana Green, KL=Kent Lewis, CN=Colby Neuman, TN=Tom Neuman, JR=Jack Rensel, TR=Tuula Rose, VAS=V. Arnold Smith, VS=Val Stock, RS=Reed Stone, P&SS=Priscilla & Steve Summers, DT=Donna Thorum, CT=Carolyn Titus (of NV), JVM=Julie VanMoorhem, DW=David Wheeler

Abbreviations used:

AIC = Antelope Island Causeway JRP = Jordan River Parkway m.obs. = many observers NWR = National Wildlife Refuge SP = State Park SR = State Route

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Saturday, September 17, 2000.

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