Utah Bird Report for 7/13/2000
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Great Egret  Davis Co.
Tundra Swan  Box Elder Co.
Common Goldeneye  Box Elder Co.
White-tailed Ptarmigan  Duchesne Co.
Common Moorhen  Davis Co.
Greater Yellowlegs  Box Elder Co.
Lesser Yellowlegs  Box Elder Co.
Sanderling  Cache Co.
Western Sandpiper  Box Elder Co., Cache Co.
Least Sandpiper  Box Elder Co.
Stilt Sandpiper  Box Elder Co.
Common Tern  Davis Co.
Calliope Hummingbird  Cache Co.
Rufous Hummingbird Millard Co., Salt Lake Co
Williamson's Sapsucker  Salt Lake Co., Summit Co
Three-toed Woodpecker  Duchesne Co., Summit Co.
Winter Wren  Cache Co.
Swainson's Thrush  Salt Lake Co.
White-winged Crossbill  Salt Lake Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


At BRMBR, a number of unusual birds were seen on Tuesday, 07/11. An out-of-season TUNDRA SWAN was seen near the northwest corner of the auto-tour loop, and four female COMMON GOLDENEYE, equally out-of-season, were seen along the southwest side. Many shorebirds are starting to appear at the refuge, including both GREATER and LESSER YELLOWLEGS, and hundreds of WESTERN and LEAST SANDPIPERS. A STILT SANDPIPER was seen along the east side of the auto-tour loop (MS,m.obs.).


Three WHIMBREL were seen flying over the Benson Marina at Cutler Reservoir, west of the town of Benson, on Saturday, 07/02 (RR).

At the oxbow overlook along the Bear River north of Benson, about 25 WESTERN SANDPIPERS and a few SANDERLINGS were seen on Saturday, 07/02 (RR).

Two WINTER WRENS were heard singing in High Creek Canyon east of Richmond on Saturday, 07/02 (RR).

A male CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD was seen near the entrance to Tony Grove CG in Logan Canyon on Monday, 07/10 (MS,m.obs.).


The COMMON MOORHEN, which has been seen at FBWMA in the first pond on the right as you enter the refuge, was seen again on Sunday, 07/09 (JVM).

In the pond at the west end of Glover Lane, west of the entrance to FBWMA, two GREAT EGRETS were again seen on Sunday, 07/09 (JVM). At the same place, a COMMON TERN was seen on Monday, 07/10 (MS,m.obs.).


A breeding-plumaged male CHESTNUT-COLLARED LONGSPUR was seen just east of Naturalist Basin in the Uinta Mountains on Sunday, 07/09 (BO). The bird was seen on a small, tundra-covered plateau just north of Rocky Sea Pass. Rocky Sea Pass is about 1 mile east of Naturalist Basin along the Highline Trail, and about 6 miles east of the trailhead on SR 150 near Butterfly Lake.

A WHITE-TAILED PTARMIGAN was also seen on the tundra-covered plateau north of Rocky Sea Pass in the Uinta Mountains on Sunday, 07/09 (BO).

A pair of THREE-TOED WOODPECKERS was seen nesting along the shore of Mirror Lake on Sunday, 07/09 (MS,m.obs.). The nest was located about 100 ft. from the shore near the northeast corner of the lake.


A male RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was seen visiting a feeder in Oak City on Saturday, 07/02 (DA).


A BAR-TAILED GODWIT was seen at Deseret Ranch on Friday, 07/07 (MS,DW,m.obs.). Deseret Ranch is private property, and birders can only visit on organized tours. This is the second record of Bar-tailed Godwit in Utah.


A number of good birds continues to be seen in the Brighton area at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. On Tuesday, 07/04, WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKERS were seen nesting in the dead trees at Lake Solitude, WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS were seen along the Clayton Peak Trail, and a RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was seen at Twin Lakes (J&KB). The same birds were seen in about the same locations on Saturday and Sunday, 07/08 and 07/09 (M&MS).

A remarkable concentration of at least 29 SWAINSON'S THRUSHES was seen along the road in the lower part of Lamb's Canyon on Wednesday, 07/12 (AM).


A pair of WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKERS continues to nest along the Provo River, about 400 yards upstream from the Provo River Falls, as of Thursday, 07/06. A THREE-TOED WOODPECKER was also seen in the same area on that day

A male WILLIAMSON'S SAPSUCKER was seen in the trees at the east end of the Butterfly Lake CG on Sunday, 07/09 (MS,m.obs.).

Observers: DA=David Allan, J&KB=Joel & Kathy Beyer, FD=Flora Duncan, AM=Alan Miller, LO=Leila Ogden, BO=Bryant Olsen, RR=Ron Ryel, M&MS=Margaret & Michael Smith, MS=Mark Stackhouse, JVM=Julie VanMoorhem, DW=David Wheeler, BW=Bonnie Williams

Abbreviations used:

BRMBR = Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge
CG = campground
FBWMA = Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area
m.obs. = many observers
SR = State Route

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Saturday, April 15, 2000.

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