Utah Bird Report for 5/4/2000
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net


Birds mentioned
Ross's Goose  Washington Co.
Common Black-Hawk  Washington Co.
Black-bellied Plover  Davis Co., Utah Co., Washington Co.
SOLITARY SANDPIPER  Garfield Co., Salt Lake Co
WHIMBREL  Washington Co.
Caspian Tern  Washington Co.
Northern Pygmy-Owl  Washington Co.
Broad-tailed Hummingbird . Summit Co., Utah Co
Three-toed Woodpecker  Salt Lake Co.
Plumbeous Vireo  Salt Lake Co.
Western Bluebird  Weber Co.
Phainopepla  Washington Co.
Virginia's Warbler  Utah Co.
Lazuli Bunting  Salt Lake Co., Summit Co., Utah Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


At least one SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER was seen among a flock of Long-billed Dowitchers at the Layton Wetlands Preserve on Saturday, 04/29 (MS,others). The Layton Wetlands Preserve is located along the shores of the Great Salt Lake west of Layton along Gentile Street.

About 50 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS were seen on the mudflats just south of the entrance to the AIC on Saturday, 04/29 (MS,others).


A SOLITARY SANDPIPER was seen at the pond at Ruby's Inn, near Bryce Canyon NP on Tuesday, 04/25 (NE).


A SOLITARY SANDPIPER was also seen at Decker Lake on Thursday, 04/27 (JH). The bird was in the marshy area by 2200 West as you head towards the lake.

At Brighton at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, a THREE-TOED WOODPECKER was seen on Tuesday, 05/02 (AM).

Recent spring arrivals reported in Salt Lake County include a LAZULI BUNTING singing in City Creek Canyon about 1/2 mile from the entrance on Sunday, 04/30, and a PLUMBEOUS VIREO at the east end of Parley's Gulch on Wednesday, 05/03 (MS).


Spring arrivals in Summit County included BROAD-TAILED HUMMINGBIRDS at Summit Park on Wednesday, 04/26 (LL), and at Hidden Cove (near Jeremy Ranch) on Friday, 04/28 (D&JP). LAZULI BUNTINGS were also reported from
Hidden Cove on Thursday, 04/27 (D&JP).


BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS were seen on the mudflats at Swede Lane west of Springville on Thursday, 04/27 (MW).

Spring arrivals in Springville included BROAD-TAILED HUMMINGBIRDS and LAZULI BUNTINGS, seen Sunday, 04/30 (AH). At Rock Canyon, a VIRGINIA'S WARBLER was seen on Thursday, 04/27 (MW).


A WHIMBREL was seen in Washington Fields, SE of St. George, on Saturday, 04/29 (RF,JK).

A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was seen at the Southgate Golf Course in St. George, on Saturday, 04/29 (RF,JK).

A rare sighting of CASPIAN TERNS from the Zion NP area occurred on Saturday, 04/29, when five were seen at Kolob Reservoir (BS).

Other interesting birds seen in Washington County on Saturday, 04/29, included a ROSS'S GOOSE at Sunbrook Golf Course in St. George, COMMON BLACK-HAWK at Lytle Ranch, and BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS at Washington Fields (RF,JK). Also on Saturday, 04/29, several groups of PHAINOPEPLAS were reported from Lytle Ranch, both near the parking area and above the orchard (KP).

A NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL was seen along the trail to Weeping Rock in Zion NP on Saturday, 04/22 (NE).


In an unusual sighting for northern Utah, a WESTERN BLUEBIRD was seen in Eden on Sunday, 04/30, at the NW edge of the Eden Hills subdivision (RW). This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Thursday, May 4, 2000.

Observers: NE=Niel Ellman (of NJ), RF=Rick Fridell, JH=Jack Holley, AH=Alona Huffaker, JK=Josh Kreitzer, LL=Letitia Lussier, AM=Alan Miller, D&JP=Danielle & Joel Patterson, KP=Kathy Paulin, BS=Bob Showler, MS=Mark Stackhouse, MW=Merril Webb, RW=Ron Wheeler

Abbreviations used:

AIC = Antelope Island Causeway
NP = National Park

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Saturday, May 4, 2000.

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