Utah Bird Report for 11/20/99
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

White Pelican Salt Lake Co.
Barrow's Goldeneye Davis Co.
Hooded Merganser Box Elder Co., Salt Lake Co.
Red-breasted Merganser Box Elder Co.
Great Egret Box Elder Co.
Marbled Godwit Box Elder Co.
Sanderling Davis Co.
Bonaparte's Gull Box Elder Co.
Herring Gull Davis Co., Salt Lake Co.
Barn Swallow Davis Co.
Winter Wren Wasatch Co.
Hermit Thrush Salt Lake Co.
Orange-crowned Warbler Box Elder Co.
American Tree Sparrow Box Elder Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


LAPLAND LONGSPURS continue to be seen in and around Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (BRMBR). On Sunday, 11/14, a Lapland Longspur was seen along the west side of the auto-tour loop, and another was seen about 5 miles east of the refuge (TA).

Other good birds seen at BRMBR in the past week include a male HOODED MERGANSER, seen at the southeast corner of the auto-tour loop on Sunday, 11/14 (TA); four AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS along the east side of the auto-tour, also on Sunday, 11/14 (M&MSm); and two GREAT EGRETS seen at the southeast corner of the auto-tour on Saturday, 11/13 (KH,YS).

At Willard Bay SP, about 300 MARBLED GODWITS, 30 BONAPARTE'S GULLS, and 11 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were seen on Friday, 11/12. On the same day, a late ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was seen in some Russian Olives just south of the reservoir (KE,JR,VAS).


A late BARN SWALLOW was seen along Redwood Rd., just south of the I-215 crossing, on Tuesday, 11/16 (DW).

Along the Antelope Island Causeway, an immature male BARROW'S GOLDENEYE, about 12 SANDERLINGS, and 4 HERRING GULLS were seen on Friday, 11/19 (LL,MS,DW).


Two female HOODED MERGANSERS were seen in the pond at the entrance to the Great Salt Lake Marina, west of Saltair, on Sunday, 11/14 (EC). A single female Hooded Merganser was seen at the same location on Wednesday, 11/17 (MS).

Four HERRING GULLS were seen along the beach between Saltair and the marina on Wednesday, 11/17 (MS).

A HERMIT THRUSH was seen in Parley's Nature Park on Saturday, 11/13 (B&TC). The bird was seen at the bottom of the first hill as you enter the nature area. Parley's Nature Park is accessed from the east end of Tanner Park, near 2700 East and 2700 South in Salt Lake City.

WHITE PELICANS have been moving south this week. A flock of about 150 was seen soaring above the Rose Park neighborhood in Salt Lake City on Saturday, 11/13 (GS).


A WINTER WREN was seen at the Bureau of Reclamation mitigation area below Jordanelle Dam on Tuesday, 11/16 (AM). The bird was along the river about halfway between the north and south gates. Because of river channel reconstruction in the area, the site where the bird was seen can only be reached from the south gate.

A FINAL NOTE: Birders throughout Utah are mourning the passing of Lew Wilkinson on Friday, 11/19. Lew was a fine birder and frequently contributed sightings to the Birdline from near his home in Sevier County, and from elsewhere in southwestern Utah. For many years, Lew was a birding companion and mentor to Josh Kreitzer, one of our most promising young birders. All of us who had a chance to go birding with him enjoyed his gentle ways, sense of humor, and the joy he got from birding. He will be greatly missed.

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Saturday, November 20, 1999.

Observers: TA=Tim Avery, B&TC=Brad & Traci Clemens, EC=Edward Conrad, KE=Keith Evans, KH=Karen Halliday, LL=Laura Lockhart, AM=Alan Miller, JR=Jack Rensel, M&MSm=Margaret & Mike Smith, VAS=V. Arnold Smith, MS=Mark Stackhouse, GS=Gerrit Steenblik, YS=Yvonne Stroup, DW=David Wheeler

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